What Makes an Excellent Executive Search Partner

executive search partner

When it comes to executive search, partnering with the right firm can make all the difference in finding the ideal candidate who not only possesses the necessary skills but also fits seamlessly into your organization’s culture. Read on to explore the key qualities that make a great executive search partner, so you can make the best decision for your business.


Speed and Effectiveness in Candidate Assessment

A reputable executive search firm should work swiftly and effectively with the client to define the key competencies required for the role and align them with the organization’s culture. M&A Executive Search excels in this aspect, providing clients with the tools and expertise to define these requirements within 1-2 weeks. By streamlining the evaluation process, M&A ensures that proper assessments are made promptly.


Outreach Metrics

Successful executive search firms proactively contact a substantial number of potential candidates, including those who are currently in existing roles and may not be actively looking for new opportunities. M&A Executive Search recognizes the importance of casting a wide net and typically reaches out to 50-500 potential candidates for each search. A significant metric to consider is the number of target candidates contacted, with an ideal range of 50-100 candidates within the first week of the search.


Candidates Interested in the Role

Within 2 weeks of initiating a search, a competent firm should generate a minimum of 10 qualified candidates who have demonstrated interest in the role. These candidates may not have undergone a thorough vetting process yet, but their initial response and interest indicate their suitability. The actual number of candidates generated will vary based on market dynamics, but if the outreach metrics are met, candidate generation should follow suit.


Senior-Level Involvement

The percentage of time senior-level executives from the search firm dedicate to a search is crucial for success. M&A Executive Search ensures that senior-level personnel remain deeply involved throughout the search process. By having the same individuals who interviewed the client and gained a comprehensive understanding of the role, M&A accelerates the sourcing strategy, candidate evaluation, and decision-making, resulting in better outcomes.


Transparent Pipeline Reporting

Beware of firms that do not transparently share the pipeline of candidates. This could be an indication that they are not actively engaging with candidates during the initial stages of the search. M&A Executive Search believes in open communication and provides clients with regular updates on the candidate pipeline. Their commitment to building a large and diverse candidate pool from the start ensures that the best candidates are identified—without delay.


Start Date to Hire

A time frame of 4-6 weeks, provided the client company is prepared to conduct interviews promptly, is an achievable goal for a dedicated search firm. M&A Executive Search is committed to allocating the necessary resources and expertise to meet this timeline effectively.


Longevity of Hired Candidates

Measuring the tenure of hired candidates is a crucial metric for assessing the success of an executive search firm. M&A Executive Search understands the significance of cultural fit, the primary reason for candidates not working out in a role. They employ effective methods to evaluate cultural fit and have a comprehensive sourcing strategy in place. Furthermore, M&A is confident in the quality of their placements, offering a 1-year guarantee.


Interim Candidates

When businesses need interim professionals, speed is of the essence. For interim positions, M&A Executive Search has a streamlined process that ensures the presentation of 3-4 viable candidates within a week. Also, M&A’s transparent approach is exemplified by their competitive mark-up rates, which are significantly lower compared to other firms.


Candidate Response Rate

The response rate of candidates can vary based on market conditions and the appeal of the role. A reputable search firm, such as M&A Executive Search, understands the importance of building an attractive narrative for candidates. By effectively crafting the story and value proposition, M&A enhances the response rate, indicating a stronger alignment between candidates’ aspirations and the opportunity.


Choose the Best Executive Search Partner for Your Business

In the world of executive search, choosing the right partner is key when it comes to finding the best-fit candidate, every time. The best executive search firms distinguish themselves as industry leaders by demonstrating exceptional speed, effectiveness, and transparency throughout the search process—and M&A Executive Search delivers in all those aspects and more. Our ability to define key competencies, build an extensive candidate pipeline, and guarantee placements showcases their commitment to delivering outstanding results. When partnering with M&A Executive Search, you can rest assured that your organization’s executive search needs are in capable hands. Contact us today to learn more.

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