How to Ensure the Right Person Matches the Right Role

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You’re new to your company or role, how do you determine if you have the right people in the right roles? 

When moving into a CEO role how do you assess your team’s strengths, areas for improvement and needs for improvement? What is the best way to determine if you have the right people in the right seats on the bus and, as the driver of the bus, do you have the right team in place to lead the company to meet the expectations of your owners, board, customers, and key stakeholders?

An initial step that is crucial is to assess your team’s capabilities, responsibilities and accountabilities. A good place to start is with individual interviews with each team member, from peers to the team leader and subordinates. Then assess the results.

  • Are your leaders accomplishing what needs to be accomplished?
  • Are they meeting the company expectations for performance?
  • Are they getting the desired results?
  • Do they fit the company culture you have been hired to build?
  • Are they effective, supportive and engaging leaders for their staff and team?
  • Are they performing at a level that is meeting or exceeding expectations?
  • What are the gaps in performance compared to what is expected?
  • Are they micro-managers or empowering leaders?
  • Do they mentor, coach and support their staff and team?

This fact gathering will take time, diligence, and active listening. As you are getting answers to the questions listed above, you’ll need to be discerning of all the input and feedback with an open, yet critical eye on what is true.

Once you know where you and your organization stand regarding levels of performance, abilities, willingness and capabilities to accomplish required results, you can accurately assess your gaps in performance and see where you need to upgrade your talent. Then you can identify the key performance indicators, attributes, traits and leadership style you need to search for in successful candidates to lead your teams and departments.

Retaining a search firm to source successful candidates with the right experience, skills, attributes, management style and leadership style to meet and exceed your company’s profitability goals is an effective approach to getting the right people into the right seats.


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