Quality Assurance Recruiters and Executive Search

Quality assurance is the standard by which your company measures its reputation. To exceed customer expectations, pass no defects and ensure uniformity to excellence, you need quality assurance professionals at the helm of your operations. As a leading quality assurance recruiter, M&A Executive Search makes it easy to staff quality assurance candidates that safeguard your company’s reputation and raise the standard for excellence across your value stream.  

M&A Executive Search assists clients in obtaining the right quality assurance talent and expertise either by recruiting full-time hires or by providing experienced quality assurance professionals for shorter-term interim or project roles.

With a vast national network of over 10,000 professionals, including experienced quality assurance recruiters, we’re adept at serving a broad spectrum of industries.

We understand the value of Quality Assurance to a business and can assist clients in finding the right professional for their specific needs, thereby enhancing quality assurance recruitment efforts..

Why Choose M&A as Your Quality Assurance Executive Search Firm?

Our experienced quality assurance recruiters team, combined with our highly efficient onboarding process, makes M&A Executive Search the premier candidate for filling QA roles—in either temporary or long-term capacities.

We’re focused on finding top talent with a clear understanding of the roles, responsibilities and expectations that accompany quality assurance standards specific to your industry. 

Our talent pool of thousands of qualified QA professionals stretches nationwide and encompasses numerous practice areas. We take the time to understand every client and the role they’re seeking to fill, and we find someone who has both the right skills and the industry familiarity necessary to excel. From manufacturing to pharmaceuticals, finance to production, we identify candidates primed to succeed.

When you work with M&A Executive Search, expect the process to take weeks, not months. Most importantly, there’s no fee for our services until you hire. We’re the best way to identify top-tier talent, without marketing, extensive onboarding, or protracted evaluation.

Quality Assurance Professionals We Recruit

Quality assurance is important at every level. Whether you’re seeking program QA managers or downstream quality assurance auditors, we’re deeply familiar with the skillsets, capabilities and philosophies you’re looking for in the ideal candidate. 

Our quality assurance recruiters help you fill the following roles with experience in your industry:

  • VP of Quality
  • Quality Director
  • Regional Quality Manager
  • Quality Management Director
  • Global Quality Director
  • Quality Improvement Consultant
  • Senior Quality Engineer
  • Director Of Quality Engineering
  • Director Of Quality
  • VP Food Safety & Quality
  • Quality Associate
  • Quality Auditor
  • Regional Quality Director
  • Quality Engineer

Enabling Quality Assurance Across All Industries

Quality assurance means the same thing across every industry, yet the specifics of achieving it are unique to every business. Our quality assurance recruiters take the time to fully understand your expectations for a QA role before tapping into our national pool of qualified candidates.

From thousands of potential professionals, we help you hire the one that’s best equipped to excel in your industry, in the role you have for them. 

Whether you need temporary help establishing quality standards for critical operational practice areas or are looking for QA help to replace a recently departed professional, we’re committed to helping you fill positions quickly.

We focus on finding the right hire: someone who’s “been there and done that” within the specific industry and application expertise our clients need.

From technology companies to CPG manufacturing, M&A Executive Search expedites the search for quality assurance professionals, while giving our clients the confidence that they’re hiring a valuable professional who’s instrumental for quality assurance success. 

Quality Trends Impacting QA Recruiting & Consulting

Our team of experienced quality assurance recruiters partners with companies to understand the detailed skills needed for the role. Then, we provide the right talent quickly, flexibly, and affordably.

To do this, we’re always focusing on current trends, forward-looking demands and emerging skillsets relevant to the quality assurance field. Here are some of the key trends driving today’s QA recruiting:

  • Change-Oriented Quality Professionals: Increasing changes in regulatory guidelines and manufacturing technologies increase the number of challenges in maintaining quality. This will likely continue over the next decade, and companies will need to combat and overcome new issues in quality.
  • A proactive approach involves hiring or engaging interim professionals that have worked in different industries, who have a breadth of experience spanning diverse challenges (such as regulatory QA compliance). Additionally, from a recruiting perspective, it’s important for quality professionals to have a natural change orientation and enjoy facing new challenges.
  • Hiring Industry Specific QA Expertise: Quality represents the bottom line, but it needs to begin upstream and flow down through all manufacturing phases. From thoughtful product design to proactive maintenance and improvement, QA needs to become imbued within every stage of the value stream. When recruiting quality professionals, it’s critical that they have a deep and specific understanding of quality not only from a point-of-application standpoint, but also in relationship to the entire value stream and the end products that flow from it.
  • Digitization and Automation Experience: Emerging technologies—including improving connectivity, IoT, robotics and advanced automation—are revolutionizing every element of manufacturing in every industry. Many of these technologies lead to improvements in productivity by 40-50%, alongside reduction of defects and errors by over 50%.
  • It’s critical that organizations hire or engage interim and project quality professionals that are familiar and proficient in utilizing these technologies. Ideally, employees will have experience in manufacturing automation and can build the business case for targeted automation that leads the organization in a quality-focused direction.

Explore Our Other Functional Specialties

Looking to hire another functional specialty? Beyond quality assurance, we’re top industry recruiters for a broad range of positions, across various industries. When you’re looking for years of experience and a direct hire who’s going to fill their expected role perfectly, call on us first. Some of the many other functional specialties we hire for include

Work With Top Quality Assurance Recruitment Agency

Finding QA professionals with technical expertise, soft skills, industry experience and established capabilities is simple when you work with M&A Executive Search.

Our team is committed to pairing you with the perfect candidate: someone who meets expectations by establishing exceptional quality control in the role you have cut out for them.

With more than 10,000 nationwide candidates and a well-established method of vetting talent against your criteria, rest assured in our ability to help you hire with confidence. 

If you’re ready to staff quality positions with the right people, reach out to M&A Executive Search today. There’s no fee for our quality recruitment services until we meet your needs with the perfect candidate.