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Looking for a qualified manufacturing executive to join your team? Seeking functional specialists to solidify your workforce and drive growth in your field? M&A, a leading manufacturing executive search firm, helps companies identify and recruit operations experts—from Fortune 500 companies to upstart manufacturing specialists.

Our manufacturing recruiters and consulting team maintains a national network of qualified candidates with experience across various manufacturing operations functions. We understand the complex staffing needs of top manufacturing companies and strive to provide them with the experts they need to drive continued business success. From direct hires to interim executive recruiting, we help you expand your team with skilled, knowledgeable professionals.

We staff for a wide range of manufacturing operations roles. Our executive recruiters successfully place plant managers, process engineers, Lean Six-Sigma specialists, and other qualified experts in the manufacturing industry.

Why Choose M&A as Your Manufacturing Executive Search Firm?

M&A stands out from other executive search companies with our focused expertise in identifying top-level industrial management. With extensive experience and a strong track record of recruiting critical manufacturing roles with top talent, we understand the demands of manufacturing from the top down.

Our familiarity with manufacturing and operations functions gives us the capability to not only evaluate key skills but also the soft skills that are becoming more and more essential for operational excellence. We understand the nature of the manufacturing recruitment field and the fast-paced environment of your organization. Our manufacturing executive search firm strives to find individuals capable of excelling in the specific role you’re seeking leadership from.

Recruiting manufacturing executives and other top manufacturing experts will only become more difficult in the future. Rely on M&A Executive Search’s recruiters with a well-vetted, ever-growing pool of experienced professionals to fill the positions critical to your success.

M&A's Manufacturing Recruiting Specialties

From reshoring and supply chain restructuring to intelligent manufacturing and Industry 4.0 technologies, you need to recruit manufacturing executives who see the future with clarity—and are ready to forge the path that takes you there. Let us help you find them.

Our manufacturing recruiters and executive search firms partner with companies to understand their needs and the detailed skillset required to meet them. We use our core understanding of manufacturing industry operations to find functional specialists quickly, flexibly, and affordably. From specialized manufacturing positions to interim and fractional c-suite leadership, we help you build a team that can build for the future through effective manufacturing recruitment. Some of the burgeoning operational areas we recruit for include:

  • Hands-On Engineering Skills: Increasingly, companies need operational leaders and plant managers who have the skillset and ability to play hands-on roles in addressing issues and opportunities. That means staffing operational-minded leaders versed in Six-Sigma and Lean manufacturing philosophies, with a focus on continuous improvement.
  • Supply Chain Optimization: The COVID-19 pandemic caused worldwide supply chain breakdowns and rippling effects that have forever changed the way companies source and distribute materials. We help manufacturers prospect broad-thinking individuals who know how to reorchestrate, redistribute, and reorganize supply chains.
  • 3-D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. Additive manufacturing is a force for change in numerous manufacturing fields—everywhere from healthcare to construction. Our manufacturing talent pool includes additive manufacturing specialists who know the field and its emerging tech, and who have the mind to apply it at scale to facilitate innovation.
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) The concept of smart factories is coming to fruition, enabled by data streamed through the IIoT. We help you staff industrial data scientists who can use operational data to drive powerful analysis. We’re a premier partner for manufacturing companies seeking to make the leap to digital operations.

With talent that spans every manufacturing field and the ability to zero in on in-demand skills and experience, M&A Executive Search helps you find and acquire professionals that are essential for growth and progress. Whether your focus is digitization and innovation or restructuring and consolidation, our goal remains the same: to recruit and deliver a manufacturing executive who’s a perfect fit for your organization.

Manufacturing Operational Positions We Recruit and Staff

From interim plant managers to quality engineers to manufacturing sales experts and accomplished M&A stewards, you need operations experience that accompanies tenured professionals. Let M&A Executive Search identify candidates with the skills best suited to your manufacturing organization’s needs. We provide access to top manufacturing professionals across key operational positions, including:

·      Assistant Plant Manager

·      Chief of Operations

·      Director of Distribution

·      Director of Operations

·      Director of Quality

·      Director of Safety

·      Director of Supply Chain

·      Director of Warehouse

·      Logistics Manager

·      Manufacturing Engineer

·      Operations Manager

·      Plant Director

·      Plant General Manager

·      Plant Manager

·      Plant Operations Manager

·      Plant Superintendent

·      Plant Supervisor

·      Production Director

·      Production Manager

·      Production Supervisor

·      Safety Manager

·      VP of Engineering

·      VP of Manufacturing

·      VP of Operations

Challenges in Recruiting Manufacturing Executives

United States Manufacturing faces strong and persistent headwinds. The manufacturing skills gap is a problem that’s only growing bigger, and the shift to digitization as part of Industry 4.0 is a leap many manufacturers are still struggling to take. Building an in-house team of stalwart manufacturing executives has never been more important.

Our executive search firm helps you take control of an uncertain future and bring certainty and success to your manufacturing operations. We know the challenges you face, and we’re prepared to help you face them by introducing you to manufacturing executives with the foresight to overcome them.

  • The manufacturing skills gap caused by an aging workforce and the increasing complexities of the manufacturing sector has made finding talent difficult.
  • Costly and complex digital technologies are reshaping the industrial landscape, leaving behind companies that are unable or unwilling to embrace them.
  • The struggles caused by ongoing supply chain disruption are making it more and more difficult for manufacturers to meet demand and stay consistent in their production.
  • Rising material prices and general inflation have significantly raised the cost of domestic manufacturing, leading to margin squeezes.
  • Global competition from emerging markets and other producer economies has put tremendous pressure on American manufacturing professionals to innovate and cut costs.

Manufacturing faces a challenging future but remains the backbone of the American economy. Functional specialists with resilience, skills, and resolve are essential to overcome these challenges. You're looking for these individuals—let M&A’s executive recruiters introduce you to them.

Our Areas of Functional Expertise

Our extensive talent pool is home to diverse skills, sector experience, specialty insights, and more. We don’t seek to plug the holes in your roster: our recruiting firm helps you create opportunities by adding the right expert to your operations team. Some of the functional specialties we consult on include:

Contact Our Manufacturing Recruiting Specialists

Looking for qualified manufacturing executives to lead your team through effective professional manufacturing recruiting? Plant managers and Six-Sigma process engineers to help you become more efficient? Industrial data scientists who can help you orchestrate an IIoT and use its data to improve operations? M&A Executive Search will help you find them. Our abilities speak for themselves, and we encourage you to see for yourself. Contact our highly skilled manufacturing recruiters today.

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