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Engineering talent is hard to find, whether you’re hiring quality engineers, civil engineers, or for continuous improvement leadership roles. As a leading executive search firm, we put a premium on finding top engineering executives, because we understand your firm’s need for high-end engineering recruitment. You’re not just looking to fill a position: you’re looking for top engineering and software talent to pioneer the success of your business.

Our engineering recruiters and consulting team continue to grow and maintain a national network of engineering professionals. Our access to engineering talent spans various industries and specialties, from mechanical engineering, to supply chain manufacturing, to chemical engineers, structural engineers, and beyond.

Regardless of the past technical experience you need or the unique role you’re seeking to fill, rest assured that our recruiters field great candidates and help you hire the perfect match.

Engineering Recruitment Interview

Why Choose M&A For Engineering Executive Search?

As experienced engineering recruiters, we understand the nuances of this diverse field and the many roles affiliated with engineering titles. More importantly, we’re attuned to the needs of our clients, always striving to deliver flexible, cost-effective solutions that benefit your professional team. We help you find the best candidate for any position.

We assist clients in obtaining engineering and technical executives and expertise specific to their field, from civil engineering and geotechnical engineers to process engineering and continuous improvement leadership roles.

Trust our experience when it comes to recruiting full-time engineers, selecting senior interim executives, or working with expert consultants. Our qualified candidates span all specific engineering fields, industries, and areas of expertise.

Technical Engineering Recruiting Specialties

Technical engineering modalities are expansion, stretching from the factory floor to data centers and chemical labs. When recruiting engineering executives, we consider the up-and-coming trends in your specific field, as well as the demand for core skills. We’re always on the lookout for distinguished job seekers who are eager to apply their skills. Among our candidates, you’ll find a breadth of technical engineering specialties, including:

  • Automation and robotics. Industry 4.0 is here. It’s powered by sophisticated robotics and advanced automation technologies—but behind these complex systems is an army of engineers who architect them and keep them running. We help companies staff robotics engineers and automation engineers who understand your vision for Industry 4.0.
  • Additive manufacturing (AM). Additive manufacturing is quickly rising to prominence in defense, medical device, aerospace, and automotive manufacturing sectors. Blue chip companies within these sectors have a growing demand for engineers who can leverage additive manufacturing technologies to their fullest. We make finding this talent simpler.
  • Fast technologies. The world’s largest producers are investing in fast technologies, leading to a high demand for talented engineers. Our focus when recruiting engineers for fast technology applications spans a variety of disciplines, from augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) to building information modeling (BIM) and beyond.
  • Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT and its many sector variations—including the IIoT—are prolific. As companies begin to develop smart ecosystems, they need qualified engineers who can get them up and running the right way, with a mind for expansion, sophistication, enablement, and security.

From specialized mechanical engineering to sophisticated civil engineering, our engineering recruiters stay abreast of the governing forces in your sector, so we can supply you with manufacturing talent equipped to excel within your organization.

Operations Engineering Recruiting Specialties

When you have a demand for process- and operations-oriented engineering specialists, we answer the call for quality with exceptional candidates. Our talent pool encompasses those in pursuit of continuous improvement and excellence. Whether you’re implementing new process architecture or seeking to improve bottom-line operations, we’ll supply you with the engineering experts to achieve your goals. Some of the operations engineering modalities we staff include:

  • Quality engineering. Whether you manufacture a product or provide a service, quality is at the root of your success. We specialize in engineering recruitment for quality-focused individuals who can engineer processes that pass no defects to your clients and clients. Find candidates that help you polish your sterling reputation even further.
  • Continuous improvement. From Lean and Six-Sigma to waste reduction engineering processes, companies need to strive for improvement in a marketplace that’s growing even more competitive. Make sure your organization is attracting engineering talent familiar with continuous improvement and process improvement methodologies.
  • Supply chain engineering. 2020 left supply chains crippled and slow to rebuild. Now, in the wake of the pandemic, supply chain re-orchestration has become a priority. Set your sights on hiring a visionary supply chain engineer who understands the complexities of global commerce and the importance of an agile, visible, dependable chain of custody.
  • Data engineering. Data makes the world go round, and it’s becoming an even more integral part of business operations at every level. Yesterday was the best time to hire qualified data engineers; today is the second-best time. We make it easy to identify the skills necessary to mobilize your data and leverage it into operational growth.

When your engineering needs are process-, plant- and operations-oriented, turn to engineering recruiters at M&A Executive Search. We take pride in fielding qualified applicants with a natural inclination toward operational engineering, from Lean manufacturing experts to data engineering specialists.

Engineering & Executive Positions We Recruit and Staff

As a tenured engineering executive search firm, we know that “engineer” is just a title. What matters is the skill and ability to back it up. We’ve gotten familiar with the many in-demand positions under the engineering umbrella—and today, we staff for them all. Our engineering recruiters team can help you fill the following roles with experience in your industry:

·      VP of Engineering

·      Director of Engineering

·      Plant Engineers

·      Field Engineers

·      Solution Engineers

·      Lead Engineers

·      Senior Engineers

·      Software Engineers

·      Civil Engineers

·      Chemical Engineers

·      Mechanical Engineers

·      Electrical Engineers

·      Industrial Engineers

·      Genetic Engineers

·      Biomedical Engineers

·      Military Engineers

·      Nuclear Engineers

·      Forensic Engineers

·      Reverse Engineering

·      Environmental Engineers

·      Geotechnical Engineers

·      Aerospace Engineers

·      Automation Engineers

·      Instrumentation Engineers

·      Industrial Control System Designers

·      Additive Manufacturing Designers

Challenges in Recruiting Engineers & Industry Executives

STEM fields face an uphill battle in finding and retaining talent—engineering talent included. As expert engineering recruiters, we know how difficult it is to tap into the expertise of qualified engineers. That’s why we’re constantly growing our network to include skilled, experienced, and learned engineering specialists.

We’re intimately familiar with the challenges public and private sector organizations face when hiring engineers. Let us help you address the following problems head-on and build your engineering recruitment strategy to attract great candidates.

  • Engineering unemployment is at record lows, while new engineering roles are continually created. Demand for engineering professionals is far greater than the available supply.
  • There will not be enough engineering candidates to fill the available roles as we advance further into the 2020 decade. Many sectors are already seeing shortages.
  • Employers will struggle to attract the right experts in an industry where only about 50% of new engineering graduates choose engineering as their career path.
  • There are skill shortages among graduates who choose an engineering career path. Institutional education isn’t adequately preparing engineering candidates.
  • Engineering requires a healthy mix of technical knowledge and soft skills. Finding candidates with both IQ and EQ is becoming more and more a difficult challenge.

Competition and the rate of new hire acquisition are increasing as qualified candidates move quickly on highly competitive job offers. Businesses that can identify top talent and make rapid offers will acquire the best talent. Our engineering recruiters work aggressively and comprehensively to identify the best talent, enabling our clients to make offers quickly.

Above all, we simplify the talent search to help you put great hires in positions to succeed. M&A Executive Search is with you through the entire process. In the eyes of job seekers, you’re not just the fastest company to put an offer in front of them: you’re also the best.

Our Other Functional Specialties

Looking to hire another functional specialty? Beyond engineering recruitment, we’re a top industry search firm for a broad range of positions, across various sectors. When you’re looking for years of experience and a direct hire who’s going to fill their expected role perfectly, call on us first. Some of the many other functional specialties we hire for include:

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