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Our HR recruiting and consulting team maintains and grows a national network of Human Resource professionals with experience across various industries and specialties. We understand the needs of our clients and are able to flexibly and cost effectively provide companies with the exact resources they need for their business. We assist clients in obtaining the talent and expertise they need by recruiting full-time hires, providing senior interim executives or expert consultants with specific human resources, industry, or issue area expertise.

Human Resources Trends Impacting Recruiting & Consulting

Our HR recruiting team partners with companies to understand the detailed skills needed for the role and provides the right talent quickly, flexibly and affordably and often focusing on new skill sets needed by our clients.

Here are some of the key trends driving Human Resource leadership expertise needs:

  • HR joins marketing in defining the company brand: With extremely low unemployment it’s critical that companies not only market to their customers but also to their current and prospective employees. The value of being branded as a “best employer” has never been more important in terms of hiring, developing and retaining the best talent.
  • In today’s transparent environment, potential employees get a picture of your company by visiting your website, reading anonymous reviews and finding out what employees are saying on their social media channels. Recruiting and acquiring HR leadership talent that is adept at managing the company brand is critical to long term success.
  • Untapping the potential of the millennials: Combining a work force that includes Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials creates a new challenge in terms of getting these employees to work together. The millennials bring the perspective and need of work / life balance. Recruiting HR talent with the experience and know-how to attract, motivate and retain millennials is critical to organizations human resource strategy.
  • Transformation of Employee Training and Development -Technology has enabled new opportunities for training and development that incorporate podcast, on-line learning, and various software tools that make the training process more efficient, personal, and real time.
  • Recruiting HR talent or engaging Training and Development expert consultants can not only save millions of dollars in training costs but can create a dramatically more effective training and learning environment.
  • Dealing With The Rising Cost of Health Care. The rising cost of health care insurance and health care is affecting what employers can provide in terms of benefits for their employees. As healthcare cost have increased it has also demanded more mind share of senior leaders and the requirement for HR leaders to effectively manage this benefit. Recruiting HR leaders that have the skills to both manage healthcare cost for their employees and manage the communication of those benefits to employees is critical for employee satisfaction and retention.

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Our HR recruiting team can help you fill the following roles with experience in your industry:

  • CHRO
  • VP HR
  • Director of HR
  • Director of Learning and Development
  • VP Organizational Development
  • Talent Director
  • Director of Talent Acquisition
  • Director of Training
  • Director of Diversity
  • VP Compensation Benefits

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