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Our Information Technology and Information Systems recruiting and consulting team maintains and grows a national network of senior level Information Technology professionals with specific industry and technology experience. We specialize in senior level IT position and experts with experience in Program Management and above. We understand the IT management needs of our clients and are able to flexibly and cost effectively provide companies with the exact IT management resources they need for their business. We assist clients in obtaining Information Technology talent, including interim CTOs, and expertise they need by recruiting full-time hires, providing interim executives and program managers or expert consultants with specific technology, industry, or issue area expertise.

IT Trends Impacting Recruiting & Consulting

Our IT and IS recruiting team partners with companies to understand the skills needed for the role and provides the right talent quickly, often focusing on new skill sets needed by our clients.

Here are some of the key trends driving engineering recruiting needs:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning - Enterprise resource planning software has become prevalent in all companies. This includes smaller companies, as cloud-based ERP solutions have become widespread and affordable. Many companies are still dealing with either initial implementation or trying to optimize and get the most out of their existing ERP implementation.
  • Recruiting IT professionals with experience can often help companies advance their ERP implementation. Expertise in particular modules (e.g. pricing, inventory management) or with specific software solutions (e.g., NetSuite, SAP, Oracle) is often needed to supplement the team and improve the solutions. Beyond the software implementation, senior functional resources with ERP implementation experience are often needed to guide the implementation and insure the solution is used effectively in the organization.
  • Data Mining – Developing and utilizing a platform to collect and analyze data to support the business is an important trend in Information Systems. One key competitive opportunity is the ability for companies to use data mining tools to collect information regarding consumer purchases and other economic trends. Effectively implementing DM solutions allows management to translate this information into goals and directions for future business operations.
  • IS solutions typically have trending or forecasting models that allow companies to project emerging consumer markets for profitable operations. IT Data Mining recruiting is an increasing need for companies as they expand this important aspect of business. Additionally, adding expert consultants with specific data mining software (e.g., Oracle Data Mining, Knime, WEKA, Rapid Miner, Sisense, SSDT, IBM Cognos) experience can advance initiatives quickly.
  • Cybersecurity - Although cybersecurity is not new, it remains as an important area of expertise for all organizations. Finding cybersecurity experts continues to rise in importance as businesses become more digitized. Most companies are increasing their talent in cybersecurity, recruiting staff and adding key expert consultants. Historically, companies have followed a defensive approach utilizing increasing better technology tools such as firewalls and antivirus. However, the trend for most companies is being more proactive in probing and discovering weaknesses that could lead to potential security breaches.
  • Internet Of Things (IoT) - Internet of Things (IoT) devices are rapidly making their way into businesses. They allow for gathering new data and automating infrastructure. The connectivity and intelligence this brings to physical infrastructure creates opportunities to optimize processes and business in general. Recruiting IoT and middleware experts is becoming critical for companies advancing IoT initiatives.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a technology that companies are actively exploring how to take advantage of. By adding a layer of intelligence to current technical solutions, companies can improve efficiency and solve a broader range of problems. AI is currently deployed in improving customer decision management, improving QA for software and manufacturing, writing software code, and reading medical imaging to name a few. Artificial intelligence is also being used heavily in supply chain solutions. Finding artificial Intelligence talent either full time or interim expert consultants is becoming an important need in companies.

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Our IT recruiting team can help you fill the following roles with experience in your industry:

  • CIO
  • VP IT
  • Director of IT
  • Program Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Senior Architect
  • Solution Architect
  • System Architect
  • Data Center Architect
  • Data Mining Engineer
  • Director Information Security
  • Director of Cyber Security
  • ERP Project Manager
  • Middleware Software Engineer

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