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At the helm of every successful initiative is a qualified project manager: someone who can establish timelines, expectations, roles, and responsibilities that culminate in success. At M&A Executive Search, we understand the critical importance of finding these individuals and placing them in positions to succeed within your company. Our project management recruiters and expert consulting team maintain and grow a national network of more than 10,000 project professionals with experience across various industries and specialties.

We understand the unique needs of our clients and their industries, recognizing the specific skills, methodologies, and accreditations that signify a qualified project manager. Operating with flexibility and cost efficiency, we provide companies with the precise resources they need, at no cost until we succeed. From full-time hires to interim executives, to expert consultants with specific project management, industry, or issue area expertise, we assist clients in obtaining the talent and experts they need.

Why Choose M&A as Your Project Management Recruitment Agency?

M&A has a growing national network of more than 10,000 skilled professionals to recruit from, spanning virtually every industry. Our experience with project management talent acquisition and placement means we’re equipped to guide you through the process of hiring the very best professional for your needs. Best of all, we bring you vetted candidates in weeks, not months.

Whether you’re undertaking a large project with a clear end date or need effective project management for a specific line of business, we match candidates to your scope of need. Rest assured our candidates come backed by nuanced expertise that makes them ideal for the situation: whether that’s information technology expertise or delegation capabilities spanning multiple segments of your organization. We place the right talent as only a well-tenured project manager recruiter can.

Project Managers and Positions We Recruit

What skills does your next project management professional need? What role are you staffing for? What expectations do you have for their success? These questions and dozens of others are the key to identifying a project manager equipped for the role you’re trying to fill. And, no matter the answers, M&A Executive Search will make sure the role is filled by the best possible candidate.
Our pool of candidates and recruiting experience extends to virtually every project management role, including:
  • Project Manager
  • Project Delivery Manager
  • Project Development Manager
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Senior Project Development Manager
  • Lead Project Manager
  • Director Program Management
  • Program Manager
  • Manager Program Management
  • Information Technology Program Management
  • Engineering Program Manager

Choose Flexible, Situational Project Management Recruiters

Project management is a discipline that transcends industries. Yet, each industry requires its project management professionals to systematically approach unique tasks with tact and vision. M&A understands the fundamental importance of pairing industry experience with project management skills. We don’t just help you find a project management expert; we ensure you hire a top professional who also understands your industry.

We enable clients to get access to senior project managers flexibly: as full-time hires, in interim roles, or on a more targeted project basis—whatever the situation requires. We help clients with project manager recruitment for critical ongoing and emerging projects, help get troubled projects turned around, and replace gaps when a key project manager or stakeholder leaves.

We focus on finding the right project manager who has “been there and done that” with the specific industry and application expertise clients need. Through our network of thousands of experienced independent project managers and ongoing sourcing and search efforts, we enable clients to hire or consult directly with professionals who have extensive real-world project and project management experience.

Project Management Trends Impacting The Recruiting Process

Our project management recruiters partner with companies to understand the detailed skills needed for the role and provide the right talent quickly, flexibly, and affordably. To that end, we also stay abreast of industry-shaping trends, to ensure expedient results that enable long-term success for every client and their new hires. Some of the key skills we’re currently cultivating among our talent pool include:

  • Vendor Management: Today’s project managers are expected to manage vendor relationships. Project managers recruited and hired must have a strong understanding of contractual elements, negotiation tactics, and collaborative skills. Evaluating and recruiting top talent with these skills allows companies to effectively navigate a complex supplier network in an increasingly competitive environment.
  • Soft Skills: Effective project managers aren’t only adept at the technical and process elements of project management; they also have social-emotional intelligence that enables them to increase team synergy. Our recruiting process assesses social-emotional intelligence, self-awareness, empathy, motivation, and self-regulation, among other soft skills that are important, like leadership, communication, and collaboration. We ensure PMs fit into the company culture and can be successful.
  • Agile Project Management: Historically, the Waterfall Method was used in most project management: projects simply followed steps until they were completed. Today, Agile methodologies are continuing to gain momentum and becoming standard for companies across industries. Agile enables companies to quickly adapt scope requirements through the iterative nature of the methodology, which enables flexibility and ends in better results. We recruit project managers familiar and experienced with Agile, capable of capitalizing on the opportunities it offers.
  • Managing Remote Workers: Remote work has become a new standard for many companies. Employers are recognizing that, with effective project management, they can achieve the same or better productivity with a remote workforce. Happier employees with a proper work-life balance result in increased productivity. The modern-day project manager needs to be effective and experienced in managing a remote team. Increasingly, our focus is on recruiting project managers who have remote management experience and an understanding of how to leverage collaborative tools to achieve exceptional results.

Explore Our Other Functional Specialties

Looking to hire another functional specialty? Beyond project management, we’re top industry recruiters for a broad range of positions, across various industries. When you’re looking for years of experience and a direct hire who’s going to fill their expected role perfectly, call on us first. Some of the many other functional specialties we hire for include

Work With Top Project Management Professionals

Project managers represent a fundamental role at any company, in any industry. Working with M&A means aligning yourself with a proven project management recruiting expert and a team committed to pairing you with project managers capable of moving your company forward through progressive improvement. Our understanding of project management skills, trends, and practices, as well as our talent pool of more than 10,000 executive professionals, results in successful placements that transform organizations.

Whether you need a project management consultant for a short-term venture or a full-time executive with a project management background, M&A Executive Search promises results. There’s no fee for our recruitment services until we meet your executive search needs with the best possible candidate. Contact us today to get started.