Consumer Products Recruiters and CPG Executive Search

Consumer Products and CPG Executive Recruiters

Consumer products make the world go round. From defensive staples to luxury goods, this stratified industry is among the most competitive and lucrative. Companies seeking to cultivate brand awareness, visibility, capture market share, create brand loyalty, and grow sales need an unparalleled standard of executive leadership. It starts with M&A Executive Search, a leading consumer executive and cpg recruiting firm.

M&A’s team of seasoned consumer products recruiters understands the unique standards for leadership in this industry. We help businesses refine and pinpoint their recruiting and search needs to target top talent with relevant experience and the business savvy needed to succeed in highly competitive markets.

As a leading consumer executive search firm, we maintain and grow a network of more than 10,000 qualified experts with experiences across the consumer products industry, including CPG recruiters and consumer goods executive search specialists. This enables us to efficiently and cost-effectively provide companies with the talent and expertise they need to advance their businesses—all with no fee until they hire.

We assist clients in obtaining the talent and expertise they need by recruiting full-time hires and providing interim consumer products executives or expert consultants with experience in the consumer products industry.

Executive Search and Selection for CPG Companies

The search for CPG executives starts by identifying your company’s needs. Are you expanding your project lines? Repositioning to focus on a new target audience? Seeking to grow existing market share? No matter the objective, leadership is of the utmost importance. Your organization needs alignment from the top down.

M&A as seasoned CPG recruiters, taps into a nationwide candidate pool that’s thousands strong, vetting candidates with consumer packaged goods experience that’s aligned with your strategy and niche. From legacy high-end brands to mass-produced generic products, expect candidates who are ready to step into any role and succeed. Our executive search reach extends from New York to San Francisco, from product engineering to CPG marketing. We get to know your company, to better understand its needs. The result is a higher caliber of executive and the leadership you need to execute at the highest levels.

Our approach to consumer packaged goods recruiting ensures not only a thorough search process but an expedient one. We fully get to know your hiring needs and your management expectations, taking both into account as we evaluate and present the right candidates to you.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Executives We Recruit

The scope of the CPG industry is expansive, including elements such as product design, manufacturing, marketing, sales and much more. We recognize the potential for career opportunities across your value stream and deliver retained executive search that fills open positions with purpose.

No matter your need for qualified candidates, we answer the call. Some of the many types of executive professionals we work with in the consumer packaged goods industry include:

  • Accounting / Finance Recruiting
  • Business Development Recruiting
  • Engineering Recruiting
  • Human Resources Recruiting
  • Legal Recruiting
  • Management Recruiting
  • Manufacturing Recruiting
  • Marketing Recruiting
  • Program / Project Management Recruiting
  • Relationship Management Recruiting
  • Sales Recruiting
  • IT Technical Recruiting
  • Supply Chain Recruiting
  • R&D Recruiting

Whether you need high-level sales and marketing support or someone with veteran experience in supply chain and distribution, we’ll connect you with the ideal candidates. More importantly, our CPG recruitment agency works fast, to keep you agile in your respective segment. With our CPG executive search capabilities, expect to meet with top-tier CPG executives and candidates in weeks, not months. Our efficiency ensures you stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Recruiting Services for All Consumer Packaged Goods Markets

CPG companies are diverse, which means they require leadership with precise and specific experience and skills. As experienced CPG recruiters, M&A Executive Search ensures you’re presented with candidates who know your industry, have experience with a company of your size and recognize the specific challenges you face. Our executive search firm has worked with top executives across the spectrum of CPG, including:

  • Clothing
  • Eye Care and Eyewear
  • Feminine Hygiene Products
  • Soap, Bath and Shower Products
  • Fragrances and Cosmetics
  • Baby Care Products
  • Books, Music and Entertainment
  • Office Supplies and Equipment
  • Pest Control Products
  • Sporting Goods and Equipment
  • Toys

Our broad interactions with companies across the consumer packaged goods industry means you’re getting executive talent that’s well-equipped to meet the unique challenges presented to your organization. From ideation and engineering to sales and distribution, we help companies access executive leadership that positions them for success—especially in highly competitive segments.

Trends in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

The consumer products industry is adjusting to the rise of digital technology and capabilities. At the same time, customers are seeking increasingly sophisticated capabilities and more efficient sales and distribution capabilities. Our consumer products retained executive search team partners with companies across the CPG value chain to provide the right talent quickly, flexibly and affordably. Some of the trends driving key talent acquisition requirements in this industry include:

Digital Marketing Recruiting

  • Digital strategy. 49% of U.S. consumers now shop for consumer packaged goods online, marking an enormous increase from just a few years ago. Consumer products companies without leading talent in digital marketing—from SEO to optimizing other digital channels like Amazon—are at a competitive disadvantage. There’s growing demand for CPG leadership capable of planning for success in a digital space.

Product Development and Marketing Recruiting

  • Proactive product development. Online retailers have enabled small brands to sell new products that address the needs of niche markets. Expert consultants provided by M&A Executive Search have assisted in keeping companies on the cutting edge of consumer trends and product innovation. We work in both capacities, supplying experts who can grow disruptive brands and help legacy CPG companies fend-off startups seeking to capture market share.

Consumer Products Supply Chain Recruiting

  • Supply chain optimization. All-channel fulfillment can be defined as optimizing the supply chain’s capabilities to simultaneously receive and process orders from multiple ordering channels and fulfill them from the source that provides a high level of consumer satisfaction—and the lowest cost to the retailer. This model for fulfillment is both customer-and cost-driven, and is the new de-facto standard for the retail supply chain.

Executive Placement for Fast-Moving Industries

From healthcare to ecommerce, construction to transportation, demand for qualified executives is on the rise across every industry—including the consumer products industry. It’s more imperative than ever to move quickly to fill these positions and to ensure the person you’re installing is capable of distinguishing themselves by delivering results.

Every industry and sector has its own unique information technology demands. Our executive consulting firm has a broad scope of familiarity and experience in addressing the needs of businesses across industries—including those in fast-moving, high-tech fields. Our expertise extends consumer goods executive search to the following industries:

Work With a Top-Tier CPG Executive Search Firm

If there are gaps in your C-suite or high-level leadership teams, it’s paramount to work with an executive search firm capable of placing exceptional talent. M&A Executive Search provides retained executive search services specific to your CPG company’s size, market and leadership needs. Our national reach and ever-growing talent pool of more than 10,000 CPG professionals ensures you have access to professionals well-equipped to propel your organization forward. 

Reach out to M&A Executive Search today to discuss career opportunities and take advantage of our CPG industry expertise. There’s no fee for our executive search services until we meet your needs with the right candidate.