Building Materials Recruiters

M&A Executive Search, as a leading building materials recruiter, helps companies in this competitive industry to acquire talent that drives innovation. We focus on sourcing professionals who can develop building materials that perform better, cost less, and are readily available, empowering manufacturers to stay ahead in the market.

Our building material recruiters understand the unique needs in this industry and help businesses refine their recruiting and search needs to target qualified professionals. From engineers and developmental experts to hands-on production experts who can bridge theory with application, we help material producers embrace innovation through intelligent team-building.

The secret to our recruiter's success?

We maintain and grow a network of experts with experience in the building materials industry, enabling us to efficiently and cost-effectively provide companies with the talent and expertise they need to advance their businesses. From full-time hires to interim executives, expert consultants to vice presidents with experience in the industry—we help you grow your team with the right hire.

Why Choose M&A as Your Building Materials Recruiter?

The building and construction materials industry is a niche that demands high-level professionals. From application engineering to the chemical and materials sciences experts charged with creating new products and formulations, the path to success in this sector is paved by the minds of qualified hires. M&A Executive Search will help you find them.

Our executive search firm isn’t just deeply familiar with the materials industry—we staff for all other peripheral industries that go hand-in-hand with this field. As a result, we understand where this niche fits into the broader landscape, giving us the ability to prospect talent from more places to a higher degree of success. We’ll help you find qualified, knowledgeable talent with a vision for the future and a mind for making it a reality.

Rely on our expertise to help you find the talent you need to break new ground in the building materials industry—whether it’s new product development, more efficient production or solutions that drive operational success.

Building Material Recruiting Specialties

For building material executives, the sector is changing, adapting to growth and sustainability demands while also embracing more sophisticated capabilities. Our business material executives recruiting team partners with companies across the value chain, to provide the right talent quickly, flexibly, and affordably.

In this industry, specialization is often the key to success. As your dedicated building materials recruiters, we focus on identifying the specific skills, knowledge, and experience required to drive results. We actively source and staff experts in various specialties to ensure your company achieves its goals.

  • Materials sciences. There’s a rising demand for new building products that are enhanced to exhibit better longevity, reliability, and inertness, to ensure applications stand up to time, weathering, and wear better. As companies seek to harness new tech into better materials, we supply them with the material scientists that make it happen.
  • Research and development. From modular construction to additive manufacturing, the way we apply building materials is changing. Companies seeking to support new and innovative modes of application require talent that’s able to think beyond the product, to the hands-on aspect of utilizing it. We staff individuals with broad sector experience.
  • Building automation systems. Building materials aren’t just getting stronger—they’re getting smarter. Digitization is a rising prospect in the field of construction, which puts the burden on material producers to create products ready for sophisticated buildings, including the Internet of Things (IoT) and Building Information Modeling (BIM).
  • Green buildings and sustainability. Virtually every branch of the construction industry now has environmental standards, and many more are taking strides to implement more environmental practices into their operations. From LEED and BREEAM compliance to EnergyStar and National Green Building Standards, we identify experts.

As the industries adjacent to building materials producers undergo a revolutionary transformation, so too will this field. M&A Executive Search puts you at the forefront of embracing this innovation. Let us help you build a team of forward-thinking business material executives, top-level management, and practical specialists who understand the trajectory of the building materials sector.

Building Material Expertise We Recruit

From polymer applications and coating treatments to energy-efficient building products and recycled construction components, our talent pool includes industry experts with far-reaching knowledge. No matter what types of products you’re developing or perfecting, rest assured M&A Executive Search will introduce you to job recruits who bring applicable talent to your team.

Our Expertise

Our building materials recruiters have extensive experience working with a variety of companies in the industry, including:

  • Brick Companies
  • Cement Companies
  • Drywall Companies
  • Flooring and Ceiling Companies
  • Glass and Window Companies
  • Lighting and LED Lighting Companies
  • Lumber and Timber Companies
  • Roofing Companies
  • Solar Companies
  • Steel and Aluminum Companies

Challenges in Recruiting and Hiring Building Material Managers

As an industry that’s undergoing a period of innovation and change, there are several critical challenges companies face right now—especially when it comes to hiring top talent. We strive to help companies identify the specific challenges bearing down on them, to find talent equipped to overcome them.

Our building materials recruiters and senior executive consultants have identified several key headwinds and protracted challenges for construction materials producers and innovators. Let us help you find executive talent to face these challenges head-on—and triumph.

  • Rising costs for natural materials are forcing producers to do more with less. Materials engineering is trending toward efficiency, with price considerations at the forefront.
  • Supply chain headwinds continue to make it difficult for materials producers to get products into the hands of customers, and to get the materials needed to produce products.
  • Practical science and technology innovations have raised the bar for prospecting qualified talent in this field, as it becomes more and more specialized.
  • Material producers need to prove new product efficacy beyond a reasonable doubt to sway prospective customers who are intent to continue using legacy materials.
  • Emphasis on green building and sustainability standards are tightening the parameters for approval of new building products, and raising the bar for qualifications.

In short: building products are becoming more and more advanced, leading to higher standards for everything from product integrity to the skills needed to develop these solutions. M&A Executive Search is committed to helping companies find and recruit talent that’s up to the task, from vice presidents and c-suite executives to applied sciences engineers and quality control specialists.

Other Industry Specialties

Looking to hire within a specific sector? Beyond the building materials industry, we’re top recruiters for a broad range of positions, across various sectors. When you’re looking for years of experience and a direct hire that’s going to fill their expected role perfectly, call on us first. Some of the many other industries we hire for include:

·      Aerospace

·      Chemical

·      Construction

·      Consumer Products / CPG

·      Electronics

·      Energy

·      Food

·      Government / Public Sector

·      Healthcare / Medical

·      Pharmaceuticals

·      Printing

·      Software / IT

·      Textiles

·      Transportation

Contact Our Building Materials Recruiters

There’s growing demand for advanced materials that exhibit superior qualities. There’s an even higher demand for knowledgeable experts and talented specialists that can help building material companies more effectively compete in the marketplace.

M&A Executive Search stands ready to help you prospect the latter, so your company can continue to produce the former. Our abilities speak for themselves, and we encourage you to see for yourself. Contact our building material recruiters today.