Medical Device Recruiters and Executive Search

Medical Device & Equipment Executive Recruiters

The medical device industry is fast-moving. Today’s innovations pave the way for tomorrow’s healthcare improvements, and there’s an ever-present race to be the first (and best) to market. Medical device companies depend on leadership that’s knowledgeable, forward-thinking and acutely aware of the challenges device makers face. 

M&A Executive Search, renowned as one of the top medical device executive search firms, employs medical device recruiters who are well-versed in the specific needs of this industry. Our expertise in medical device recruitment helps businesses refine their search and recruiting strategies, ensuring the selection of executives who can sustain success amid an expanding innovation pipeline. We maintain a network of more than 10,000 experts, including those with experience in the medical device and equipment industry. Tapping into this proven talent pool enables us to efficiently and cost-effectively provide medical equipment companies with the talent and expertise they need to advance their businesses.

From full-time C-suite hires to interim medical device and equipment executives or expert consultants with experience within the medical device industry, we help you handpick a capable, qualified leadership team.

Executive Search and Selection for Medical Device Companies

Placing the best executive starts by understanding your company’s needs. Are you looking for someone to take the reins as you explore a new market? Do you need new leadership with specific expertise or experience? Whatever the situation, there’s no substitute for well-placed leadership.

M&A specializes in performing a medical device executive search and placing the best possible executive in just a matter of weeks. We keep pace with the rapidity of the medical device market, so you’re never left lagging behind the competition due to vacancies in your C-suite. More importantly, we assist our clients every step of the way in selecting new executive leadership, so they can stay focused on the mission without compromising the efficacy of the hiring process. 

Our specific experience as medical device recruiters lends itself to an expedient and thorough evaluation of talent, and candidates that are well-equipped to push the envelope for innovation at your organization. 

Medical Device Executives We Recruit

What kind of medical device professionals do you need to lead your company? No matter the market you serve or the specific talent you need, our medical device recruiters can help you in a flexible and affordable way. If you need to hire for a full-time role, our team will conduct a comprehensive search focusing on and passive candidates in existing roles. If you need specific expertise on a less than permanent basis for an interim leadership role or a specific project, we’ll quickly identify the right expert or interim executive from our network of experienced medical device professionals to fill the role. We’ll identify, vet and place them, to empower your organization.

Our experienced medical device recruiters see your hiring needs from a holistic standpoint. We’ll identify the specific executive to best-fill vacant positions and make sure they’re an additive member of your broader leadership team. Our executive medical device recruiter services span: 

  • Medical Device Chief Executive Officers
  • Medical Device Operational Executives
  • Medical Device Sales Executives
  • Medical Device Product Executives
  • Medical Device Engineering Executives

Backed by in-depth industry knowledge and deep involvement with life sciences fields, we put you in a position to hire for progress and innovation. Whether you’re in medical imaging, condition monitoring or general medical device sales, you can expect top executive candidates when you work with M&A Executive Search. 

Executive Recruiting Services for All Medical Device Markets

The medical device industry is extremely diverse, with companies of all sizes that produce devices in varying degrees of complexity and sophistication. Whether you mass-produce simple at-home products or are constantly fine-tuning inpatient devices that are critical to life, our recruiters assist you in identifying leadership who knows your market and is capable of running your company. We’ve worked with companies across the medical device sector, including:

  • Diagnostics
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Imaging
  • Medical Laboratory Equipment
  • Rehabilitation Equipment
  • Implantable Medical Devices
  • Cardiac Rhythm Management
  • Neuromodulation
  • Implantable Drug Delivery

We carefully observe your medical device segment and use specific qualifiers to narrow down the candidate pool. We field candidates who are ready to make an immediate impact. Unlike medical device headhunters who focus solely on experience level or market segment, our careful approach to consideration results in distinctly qualified candidates in weeks—not a multi-month-long back-and-forth with fringe candidates. You don’t have time to waste in placing executive talent. M&A makes sure every candidate is relevant to your market and your company.

Medical Device Industry Talent Acquisition Trends

One of the most important considerations in hiring for the medical device industry is keeping up-to-date on the latest trends. This means observing both the trend of medical devices and acquisition trends affecting medical device executive search. 

The medical device industry is adjusting to trends in unique device identification and 3D printing. At the same time, customers are seeking increasingly sophisticated capabilities. Our medical device headhunter team partners with companies across the medical equipment value-chain to provide the right talent quickly, flexibly and affordably. Some of the key trends driving talent acquisition requirements include:

Reimbursement Recruiting

  • Reimbursement growth. Third-party payers are reevaluating their payment policies to constrain rising healthcare costs. Several elements of the current healthcare landscape limit reimbursement growth for hospitals, which form the largest market for medical devices. Lower reimbursement growth will likely persuade hospitals to scrutinize medical purchases by adopting higher standards to evaluate the benefits of new procedures and devices. Moreover, they’re likely to take a more disciplined price bargaining stance.
  • Price control considerations. With more procurement practices affected by more stringent budgeting, medical device and pharmaceutical companies have begun exploring more cost-efficient and margin-conscious production standards. As reimbursement considerations rise, they continue to dictate price control standards. 

Product Development and Marketing Recruiting

  • Product value. With the increasing emphasis on value and cost throughout the healthcare system, medical device companies also need to create products that have greater value. This, without compromising device functionality or integrity, and maximizing longevity. This balancing act requires executive leadership rooted in innovative product development and marketing. 
  • Strategic product development. Creating value for the end consumer requires innovation and product development to develop products that cater to the end user in terms of cost, functionality, and reliability. It also requires more effective marketing communication and training of healthcare professionals to demonstrate and realize a higher value proposition.

International Business Development and Regulatory Recruiting

  • International strategy. Emerging economies are claiming a growing share of global healthcare consumption—including medical devices and related procedures—owing to relative economic prosperity, growing medical awareness, and increasing aging populations. As global health expenditure continues to increase, sales to countries outside the U.S. represent a potential avenue for revenue. This leads to the recruiting needs for professionals and expert consultants with international business development, distribution, and regulatory experience.

Executive Placement for Fast-Moving Industries

From healthcare to e-commerce, construction to transportation, demand for qualified executives is on the rise across every industry—including the medical devices industry. It’s more imperative than ever to move quickly to fill these positions and to ensure the person you’re installing is capable of distinguishing themselves by delivering results. 

Every industry and sector has its unique information technology demands. Our executive search firm has a broad scope of familiarity and experience in addressing the needs of businesses across industries—including those in fast-moving, high-tech fields. Our expertise extends to the following industries:

Work With Top Medical Device Recruiters

Medical device recruitment is paramount when it comes to establishing your leadership team—now and for the future. Working with M&A Executive Search means aligning yourself with the best medical device recruiters: a team committed to pairing you with industry leaders who will continue to position your company for success in an evolving marketplace. Our deep understanding of the medical device market and talent pool of more than 10,000 executive professionals results in successful placements that transform organizations. 

Let us know how we can help you with your medical equipment recruiting and talent needs, and our medical device recruiters will follow up with you promptly. There’s no fee for our medical device recruitment services until we meet your staffing needs with the right candidate.