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M&A’s medical device recruiting team understands the typical needs in the industry and can help businesses refine their recruiting and search needs. We maintain and grow a network of experts with experience in the medical device & equipment industry, enabling us to efficiently and cost-effectively provide companies with the talent and expertise they need to advance their businesses.

We assist clients in obtaining the talent and expertise they need by recruiting full-time hires, providing interim medical device & equipment executives or expert consultants with experience in the industry.

Trends in Medical Device & Equipment Recruiting and Talent Acquisition

The medical device industry is adjusting to trends in unique device identification and 3D printing, while at the same time customers are seeking increasingly sophisticated capabilities. Our medical equipment recruiting team partners with companies across the medical equipment value-chain to provide the right talent quickly, flexibly and affordably.
Key trends in the industry driving key talent acquisition requirements:

Reimbursement Recruiting

  • Reimbursement growth – Third-party payors are reevaluating their payment policies to constrain rising healthcare costs. Several elements of the ACA are expected to limit reimbursement growth for hospitals, which form the largest market for medical devices. Lower reimbursement growth will likely persuade hospitals to scrutinize medical purchases by adopting:
    • Higher standards to evaluate the benefits of new procedures and devices
    • A more disciplined price bargaining stance.

Product Marketing / Product Development Recruiting

  • Product value – with the increasing emphasis on value and cost throughout the healthcare system, medical device companies as well need to create products that have greater value.
  • Strategic product development – additionally, creating value for the end consumer requires innovation and product development to develop products that are as good but cost less and cost less to use. It also requires more effective marketing communication and training of healthcare professionals to demonstrate and realize a higher value proposition.

International Business Development / Regulatory Recruiting

  • International strategy - emerging economies are claiming a growing share of global healthcare consumption, including medical devices and related procedures, owing to relative economic prosperity, growing medical awareness, and increasing aging populations. As global health expenditure continues to increase, sales to countries outside the U.S. represent a potential avenue for revenue. This leads to the recruiting needs for professionals and expert consultants with international business development, distribution, and regulatory experience.

Request for Services

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Our specialized areas in medical device industry include:

  • Diagnostics
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Imaging
  • Medical Laboratory Equipment
  • Rehabilitation Equipment
  • Implantable Medical Devices
  • Cardiac Rhythm Management
  • Neuromodulation
  • Implantable Drug Delivery

Our medical device & equipment recruiting team support the following functional areas:

  • Accounting / Finance Recruiting
  • Business Development Recruiting
  • Engineering Recruiting
  • Human Resources Recruiting
  • Legal Recruiting
  • Management Recruiting
  • Manufacturing Recruiting
  • Marketing Recruiting
  • Program / Project Management Recruiting
  • Relationship Management Recruiting
  • Sales Recruiting
  • IT Technical Recruiting
  • Supply Chain Recruiting
  • R&D Recruiting

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