Construction Recruiters & Executive Search

Construction is one of the world’s oldest professions and today remains one of its most prolific and important. From residential home construction to urban development to master-planned communities, it takes qualified construction professionals to build the cities, towns, and homes we live and work in. If your firm is one of the many responsible for construction development, you need capable construction professionals at the helm.

M&A Executive Search, a distinguished construction executive search firm, has extensive recruiting experience. Our team of seasoned construction recruiters understands the specific and evolving needs of this industry, and we strive to help businesses refine their construction recruiting and search needs to attract talent for the future. Our national network of expert consultants and specialty contractors is ever-growing, fueled by new experience in the construction recruitment industry.

As an executive construction firm, we strive to enable effective, cost-efficient hiring—and to ensure it’s done with expedience, accuracy, and confidence. Let us help you identify and recruit full-time hires, interim construction executives, or expert consultants with experience across all fields of construction and development.

Why Choose M&A as Your Construction Executive Search Partner?

When choosing a construction executive search firm with recruiting experience, you need to work with professionals who thoroughly understand the industry from the top down and the bottom up. Ranging expertise is the key to placing construction talent in a position to not only excel in their given focus but to become a long-term contributor to your company.

M&A Executive Search brings decades of experience to recruiting for the construction sector. From supply chain and materials handling to project managers and specialty contractors, we staff for the broad needs of construction organizations, no matter their focus or depth of capabilities.

Trust in our expertise to help you find world-class talent: experienced construction professionals who understand what it takes to pioneer your company forward. We’re ready to help you build quality, excellence and reliability through a team of construction professionals that’s poised to succeed.

Construction and Development Recruiting Specialties

Construction is a diverse industry with unique and nuanced demands for each discipline within the sector. And, within each specific area of focus is an ever-evolving scope of work. As the construction industry adjusts to trends in software technologies, cloud and mobile technology, IoT and more, there’s growing demand for recruiting agencies to identify qualified candidates.

Our construction executive recruiting team partners with companies across the construction executive value-chain to provide the right talent quickly, flexibly and affordably, with mind for the modern challenges our clients face:

  • Green building and sustainability. Virtually every branch of the construction industry now has environmental standards, and many more are taking strides to implement more environmental practices into their operations. From LEED and BREEAM compliance to EnergyStar and National Green Building Standards, we identify knowledgeable industry experts.
  • Waste management and recycling. As it becomes greener, construction also becomes more efficient. We help you find construction executives and project management professionals proficient in value stream mapping, materials sourcing, waste management and worksite optimization. Let us help you become more efficient through new hires.
  • Prefab and modular construction. Off-site construction is a booming industry and the market for prefabrication construction is only growing. So is demand for professionals who can drive this industry forward. If you’re engaged in prefab and modular construction, we’ll help you identify talent that positions you as an industry leader.
  • Construction technologies. From drone surveying to Building Information Modeling (BIM), construction tech is entering a booming period of innovation. To capitalize on these technologies and their benefits, you need a staff that embraces them. Turn to our construction recruiting experts to identify visionary talent who embraces tech.

With a finger on the pulse of the construction industry, M&A Executive Search is positioned to identify talent that’s an optimal fit for your company. Whether your focus is residential or commercial, general or specialized, large or small, we strive to connect you with personnel capable of meeting your high expectations. We’re your direct line to world class talent and construction expertise.

Construction Specialties We Consult On

Not sure of who you need to hire to round out your in-house talent pool? Need help selecting a new executive vice president to lead your firm? We help construction firms of all types explore gaps in their staff and identify candidates to fill those gaps.

Our extensive talent pool is rife with diverse skillsets, sector experience, specialty insights and more. We’re not just plugging the holes in your roster: we’re helping you create synergies and opportunities by adding the right expert to your team. Some of the construction specialties we consult on include:

  • Commercial Construction
  • Residential Construction
  • Heavy Industrial Construction
  • Engineering Construction
  • Renovation Construction
  • Design-Build Firms
  • Package Builders
  • Sponsor Builders

Constructions Positions We Recruit and Staff

From civil engineers and site surveyors to wet utility experts and transportation infrastructure pros, you need the experience that only comes from well-qualified talent. Let M&A Executive Search vet candidates and identify the skills that are best-applicable to your construction organization’s needs. We offer companies exposure to construction professionals capable of filling a wide range of positions, including:

·      Superintendent Recruiting

·      Field Manager Recruiting

·      Architectural Recruiting

·      Estimator Recruiting

·      Contracting Recruiting

·      Program / Project Recruiting

·      Accounting / Finance Recruiting

·      Business Development Recruiting

·      Engineering Recruiting

·      Human Resources Recruiting

·      Legal Recruiting

·      Management Recruiting

·      Marketing Recruiting

·      Sales Recruiting

·      IT Technical Recruiting

·      Supply Chain Recruiting

Challenges in Construction Industry Recruiting

Construction faces many headwinds now and in the future. It’s becoming more and more imperative to work with executive search experts in this field, to staff executives capable of helping your firm weather adversity.

Our expert construction recruiters have identified the top challenges facing development firms. To help you combat them, we’ve turned special attention to cultivating a pool of candidates who understand these challenges. More importantly, they recognize their capacity to help your organization overcome them.

  • Unprecedented inflation and the rising cost of building materials is forcing many construction firms to operate leaner and with more protracted timelines.
  • Demand for new developments is at an all-time high, and it’s forcing companies to be strategic in how they bid on and approach projects with limited resources.
  • A shortage of qualified construction professionals has made it difficult to find, staff and pay contractors. Moreover, specialty contractors are even harder to find.
  • Executive leadership in the construction industry needs to have a mind for de-siloed operations, which can mean complete restructuring of traditional companies.
  • Supply chains continue to be tight, making it difficult to anticipate costs and field bids. Unpredictability is driving demand for cost controls elsewhere in construction.

Based on the construction industry trajectory, these headwinds will only continue to blow stronger in the future. Construction executives need to reinvest in their own talent to ensure they’re ready to adapt to a volatile market. Construction is changing—do you have the in-house talent and team to adapt?

Our Areas of Industry Expertise

Looking to hire within a specific sector? Beyond top construction executive recruiting, we’re top executive industry construction recruiters for a broad range of positions, across various sectors. When you’re looking for years of experience and a direct hire who’s going to fill their expected role perfectly, call on us first. Some of the many other industries we hire for include:

·      Aerospace

·      Building Materials

·      Chemical

·      Construction

·      Consumer Products / CPG

·      Electronics

·      Energy

·      Food

·      Government / Public Sector

·      Healthcare / Medical

·      Pharmaceuticals

·      Printing

·      Software / IT

·      Textiles

·      Transportation

Contact Our Construction Executive Recruiters

In search of executive talent to lead your construction firm? Experienced real estate developers? Project management professionals? M&A Executive Search is ready to help. Reach out to us to discuss your needs, and we won’t waste any time in seeking out top construction specialists to fill your positions. Our abilities speak for themselves, and we encourage you to see for yourself. Contact our senior construction recruiters today.