M&A Executive Search has a major client focus on manufacturing companies.

Through this focus we have developed a deep understanding of the typical needs of manufacturing companies and provide guidance to companies for their talent acquisition strategy.  We help manufacturing clients get the resources they need to advance their business. M&A has helped clients hire or contract with key executives in every functional areas for manufacturing companies and has an extensive network of related talent. We enable clients to get access to the talent and expertise they need-whether as full-time hires, interim consultants, or on a more targeted project consulting basis - whatever the situation requires.

We have served almost all sub-industry sectors of the manufacturing industry including:

  • Food & Beverage Manufacturing
  • Textiles Manufacturing
  • Paper Manufacturing
  • Printing
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Plastics Manufacturing
  • Metal / Fabricated Metal Manufacturing
  • Electrical Equipment Manufacturing
  • Machinery Manufacturing
  • Furniture Manufacturing
  • Appliances
  • Automobile Manufacturing
  • Aerospace