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Industrial engineers are the backbones of innovation and industrialization, improving processes for people where they work, live, and play. It seems simple, but under the surface is a complex and intricate blueprint designed by engineers to keep our lives running smoothly.

Hiring managers are looking for top-quality engineers to improve procedures to increase productivity, reduce waste, improve efficiency, raise the quality of services and products, make
sure workers stay safe and healthy, and protect the environment—all while complying with evolving government regulations.

The role of an industrial engineer is to reduce or eliminate wasted time, money, and resources.An IE should fill such a vital position with the proper skill set and experience, as well as apassion for the industry in which they work. M&A Executive Search will screen and hand-select a short list of qualified candidates for you to interview. We will be there every step of the way as you fill essential roles in your organization.

Why Choose M&A for Industrial Engineering Executive Search?

M&A Executive Search curates a talented pool of candidates that includes all specialties of industrial engineering. We ensure that both candidates and employers experience a seamless placement process. This includes evaluating and vetting talent and preparing them to join your team.

Our mission is finding your ideal match based on hard and soft skills and intangible factors—not just someone filling a vacancy. If you're looking for full-time, consulting, or contract workers, we'll help you find the right candidate. We focus on getting the qualified candidates you're looking for, so you can staff your team with the right people, in the right capacity.

When you hire an applicant from our expansive talent pool, you get an industrial engineer with experience, skills, and the desire to jump in and exceed your expectations from day one.

Industrial Engineering Recruiting Specialties

Industrial Engineering is a multidisciplinary field that optimizes complex systems, processes, and operations. They work in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, and service organizations. We are recruiting specialties within this field,including:

  • Value stream design and automation. This is a crucial area within industrial engineering that focuses on identifying and implementing ways to improve efficiency and reduce waste in manufacturing and production processes. The goal of value stream design and automation is to create a seamless flow of materials, information, and products, from raw materials to finished deliverables.
  • Facilities engineering and energy management. This niche is responsible for designing, maintaining, and improving industrial environments. Facilities engineering aims to create safe, efficient, and sustainable industrial environments that support the overall productivity and success of the organization.
  • Operations engineering and optimization. One of the primary responsibilities of operations engineering is to optimize the performance of existing systems, processes, and procedures. This can include identifying and eliminating bottlenecks, reducing cycle times, and increasing throughput. Operations engineers also work to improve the quality of products and services by implementing quality control and assurance systems and to reduce costs by identifying and eliminating waste in the production process.
  • Quality and reliability engineering. This can include developing and implementing inspection and testing procedures and analyzing data to identify trends and patterns in quality issues. Quality engineers also work to enact continuous improvement processes to reduce defects and improve the overall quality of products.

The ever-evolving industrial landscape poses various challenges that require top-notch industrial engineering professionals to tackle. M&A Executive Search is dedicated to ensuring that every organization has access to the industrial engineering talent they need to lay the foundation for a successful future. By tapping into the best industrial engineering professionals, organizations can address their challenges and pave the way for growth and progress.

Other Engineering Positions We Recruit

As seasoned executive engineering recruiters, we understand that the title "engineer" is just the beginning. What truly counts is an individual's set of skills and abilities. Over time, we have become well-versed in the various in-demand positions within the engineering field, and we can place talent for all of them.

Our team of engineering recruiters can assist you in filling the following roles with professionals who have experience in your specific industry:

·      VP of Engineering

·      Director of Engineering

·      Plant Engineers

·      Field Engineers

·      Solution Engineers

·      Lead Engineers

·      Software Engineers

·      Chemical Engineers

·      Mechanical Engineers

·      Electrical Engineers

·      Industrial Engineers

·      Genetic Engineers

·      Biomedical Engineers

·      Military Engineers

·      Nuclear Engineers

·      Forensic Engineers

·      Reverse Engineering

·      Environmental Engineers

·      Geotechnical Engineers

·      Aerospace Engineers

·      Automation Engineers

·      Instrumentation Engineers

Challenges in Recruiting and Hiring Industrial Engineers

One of the main challenges in hiring for this profession is finding candidates who have the right combination of technical skills and problem-solving abilities. Industrial engineers need to have a strong understanding of engineering principles and techniques and the ability to analyze and improve systems and processes.

Finding candidates who are a good fit for the company culture and can work well with other
team members can also be challenging. As industrial engineers often work on cross-functional teams and interact with people from different departments, strong communication, and teamwork skills are essential.

  • The growing emergence of environmental regulations associated with civil engineering has created more considerations for engineers as they seek to move projects forward.
  • Ongoing supply chain constraints have forced developers to pivot, putting the onus on civil engineers to adapt projects accordingly, within specific parameters.
  • While expected to grow in the coming years, the total number of new civil engineers joining the workforce annually has lagged employment averages for several years.
  • Large-scale urban modernization is underway in the 2020s, creating surging demand for not only civil engineers, but those with specialty focuses in utility and transportation.
  • Overly complex job qualifications are gating opportunities for many qualified civil engineers who simply need upskilling or experience to successfully contribute.

To overcome these challenges, organizations should clearly understand the specific skills and qualifications required for the role and ensure that the job description is widely distributed. They should also be prepared to offer competitive compensation packages and benefits to attract top talent.

Additionally, targeted recruiting and hiring strategies, such as recruiting from universities and professional organizations, can be used to find the best candidates. Diversifying the recruitment process by reaching out to diverse candidates can also be helpful.

Our Other Functional Specialties

Looking to hire another functional specialty? Beyond industrial engineering, we’re top industry recruiters for a broad range of positions, across various sectors. When you’re looking for years of experience and a direct hire that’s going to fill their expected role perfectly, call on us first. Some of the many other functional specialties we hire for include:

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