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A mechanical engineer designs, develops, builds, and tests mechanical and thermal devices, including tools, engines, and machines. Their job is to take a product from an idea to the marketplace, which means they’re involved in the entire product development process.

The job of a mechanical engineer is vital because they play a critical role in designing and developing products used in everyday life. They’re responsible for creating the machines and tools that make modern life possible—from the cars we drive to the appliances we use at home, power generators to medical devices, robots to drones. They also play a crucial role in the energy, transportation, and healthcare industries.

Ultimately, a mechanical engineer will design and develop new technologies that improve safety, reduce pollution, and increase energy efficiency. To say these professionals are in high demand is an understatement.

Why Choose M&A for Mechanical Engineering Executive Search?

As a leading executive search firm for mechanical engineers, M&A Executive Search curates a highly-skilled pool of candidates with a wide range of specializations within the engineering field. We aim to streamline the placement process for both employers and candidates by thoroughly evaluating and pre-vetting potential hires to ensure they’re a good fit for your team.

Our mission is to find the perfect match for your company based on hard and soft skills and intangible factors such as personality and cultural fit. Whether you're looking for full-time employees, consulting professionals, or contract workers, our team is dedicated to helping you find the right candidate for the job.

When you choose a candidate from our extensive talent pool of technical professionals, you can be confident that you're getting a highly-qualified mechanical engineer with a wealth of experience and the drive to exceed your expectations from day one. Whether you're looking to fill a specific role or to staff your entire team, M&A Executive Search is committed to finding the best mechanical engineering talent.

Mechanical Engineering Recruiting Specialties

While there's a booming need for mechanical engineering talent across the country, hiring qualified candidates poses several significant challenges when it comes to hire needs and requirements. M&A Executive Search is cognizant of these challenges and mindful of these obstacles as we search our talent network for the most suitable mechanical engineer for your organization. The following are some specialties that have emerged in popularity for organizations looking to hire:

  • Materials processing and engineering is a mechanical engineering subfield focusing on designing, developing, and manufacturing materials and their components. It involves the study of the properties and behavior of materials and using various techniques to transform raw materials into finished products.
  • The field of automation and control engineering s rapidly evolving. It’s becoming increasingly important in the manufacturing industry, where automation can improve productivity, reduce labor costs, and increase precision. Automation and control engineering is also becoming more important in the energy industry, where they optimize the performance of power generation and distribution systems.
  • In recent years, fluid mechanics and thermal systems. have become more important due to the growing demand for sustainable and efficient energy systems, such as renewable energy systems, energy storage systems, and energy-efficient buildings. The field also plays a crucial role in developing new technologies, such as microfluidics and
    nanofluidics, which have applications in medicine, biology, and electronics.
  • Machine design and development enables the design, development, and optimization of machines and mechanical systems, which are essential in many industries such as automotive, aerospace, energy, manufacturing, and transportation. It’s crucial in making devices and mechanical systems more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective.
  • The field of machine design and development plays a crucial role in developing new technologies, such as robotics and automation, which have applications in manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation. It’s rapidly evolving and becoming increasingly important due to the increasing demand for new and innovative machines and mechanical systems.

Our familiarity with the mechanical engineering field and its growing constraints allows us to project the highest standards and expectations to our network. When we pair clients with mechanical engineering talent, they can rest assured that we're putting forward the best person for the job.

Other Engineering Positions We Recruit

At M&A Executive Search, our professional team recognize that the title of "engineer" is only the starting point. The individual's unique skills, qualifications, and experiences genuinely matter. With our extensive experience in the engineering field, we have a deep understanding of the various in- demand roles and can identify the right talent for each one.

Whether you’re looking to fill a specific position in your organization or build a team of mechanical engineers from scratch, our expert engineering recruiters can help you find the perfect fit for your company's needs and industry. We can assist you with finding professionals who have the specific experience and qualifications you require.

·      VP of Engineering

·      Director of Engineering

·      Plant Engineers

·      Field Engineers

·      Solution Engineers

·      Lead Engineers

·      Software Engineers

·      Chemical Engineers

·      Mechanical Engineers

·      Civil Engineers

·      Electrical Engineers

·      Industrial Engineers

·      Genetic Engineers

·      Biomedical Engineers

·      Military Engineers

·      Nuclear Engineers

·      Forensic Engineers

·      Reverse Engineering

·      Environmental Engineers

·      Geotechnical Engineers

·      Aerospace Engineers

·      Automation Engineers

·      Instrumentation Engineers

Challenges in Recruiting and Hiring Mechanical Engineers

There are several challenges when it comes to recruiting, hiring, and retaining mechanical
engineers. From a supply and demand issue to retention and onboarding challenges, organizations like yours across the board are having difficulties finding appropriate candidates to fill ME roles. Some of the most prevalent issues facing recruiters and hiring managers are:

  • There is a shortage of skilled engineers in the industry due to high demand for this particular skill set, making it difficult to find candidates with the right qualifications and experience. This can also lead to an increase in the cost of hiring engineers.
  • Evaluating candidates can be difficult, as mechanical engineers often have a wide range of skills and qualifications. Identifying the best candidate for a specific role can be challenging, particularly if the job requirements are complex or specific.
  • Once hired, retaining quality employees becomes a new challenge to face. Employees are more likely to jump ship if they find a similar role with better compensation. Additionally, engineers may be more likely to change jobs if they feel they’re not being given the opportunity to advance or develop their skills.
  • The cost of recruiting, hiring, and training mechanical engineers can be high.This is particularly true if the company needs to hire multiple engineers or if the hiring process is lengthy.
  • The pool of available mechanical engineers may be limited making it difficult to find candidates from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. This can be a problem for companies trying to build a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Whether you’re struggling to find qualified candidates or your team is experiencing an employee exodus, the skilled recruiters at M&A will jump in and manage your recruiting process for you. Trust us to screen applicants, conduct thorough background checks and interviews, and make recommendations based on your organization’s specific needs.

Our Other Functional Specialties

Looking to hire another functional specialty? Beyond mechanical engineering, we’re top industry recruiters for a broad range of positions, across various sectors. When you’re looking for years of experience and a direct hire that’s going to fill their expected mechanical engineering role perfectly, call on us first. Some of the many other functional specialties we hire for include:

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If you’re in the market to hire qualified mechanical engineers for roles within your organization, M&A Executive Search is ready to help. Reach out to us to discuss your engineering needs, and we won’t waste any time in seeking out top candidates to fill your positions. Our abilities speak for themselves, and we encourage you to see for yourself. Contact us today for mechanical engineering recruitment assistance.