Civil Engineering Recruiters & Executive Search

Civil engineers are the architects of our future, helping to create the urban infrastructure of tomorrow. There’s a growing demand for skilled and experienced civil engineers, to help modernize, advance and architect lasting, sustainable cities. It’s why private entities,municipalities and civic organizations are turning to M&A Executive Search for civil engineering recruitment.

Our civil engineering and recruiting team understand not only the forces shaping urban development today, but also the skills and expertise needed to carry future plans forward to their fullest integrity. From structural and geotechnical engineering to engineering for sustainability and conservation, we make critical engineering talent accessiblewhere and when it’s needed most.

As our societies evolve to meet the needs of citizens, the field of civil engineering represents the leading edge of change. M&A Executive Search ensures you have access to the talent, experience and expertise needed to engineer a better tomorrow.

Why Choose M&A for Civil Engineering Executive Search?

M&A Executive Search maintains a vast talent pool that’s inclusive of all civil engineering candidates, no matter their specialty, area of focus or capabilities. Moreover, we facilitate a seamless placement process that’s encompassing of identifying and vetting talent, and getting them ready to integrate directly into your team. That means evaluating both hard and soft skills, and focusing on finding you the ideal matchnot just someone capable of doing the work.

We’re able to tailor our search to acquire civil engineering talent in the exact capacity you need it: full-time, in a consulting capacity or for the duration of a project. We’re ready to help you hire the ideal candidate for your full-time position or get connected to an interim civil engineering expert.

Our focus is always on meeting your need with well-qualified engineers who have a clear understanding of your expectationsand who are ready to exceed them as soon as they get started.

Civil Engineering Recruiting Specialties

Civil engineering is an ever-evolving field that needs to keep pace and stay ahead of social demands. From utility modernization and public transportation to sustainability and geotechnical engineering, our civil engineering recruiting experts are adept in qualifying the talent you need to meet the standards of your project and those it serves.

  • Sustainability engineering. Engineering for sustainability has become crucial in the modern age. The design and development of environmentally friendly, ecologically sound, conservation-focused projects demands proficiency from civil engineers. This includes everything from modernization of utilities to large-scale ecological modeling.
  • Supply chain infrastructure. By ocean, road or rail, the United States’ supply chain infrastructure is at capacity. There’s growing demand for civil engineering expertise to help expand that capacity, and to modernize the systems by which the country moves goods efficiently and affordably, from coast to coast.
  • Smart cities. The Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G infrastructure have come together to enable smart cities like never before. Today’s infrastructure is designed with automation,autonomy, accessibility and safety in-mind, and civil engineers are responsible for incorporating these elements into digitally enabled cityscapes.
  • Socially conscious engineering. From public transportation and amenities to developments designed to create equitability and inclusion, we’ve entered the age of socially conscious civil engineering. As cities seek to make urban life more connected and inclusive, large-scale modernizations demand civil engineering foresight.

These challenges and many others demand the highest class of civil engineering professionals. M&A Executive Search ensures every organization has access to the civil engineering talent necessary to lay the foundation for a better future.

Other Engineering Positions We Recruit

As tenured executive engineering recruiters, we know that “engineer” is just a title. What matters is the skillset and abilities to back it up. We’ve gotten familiar with the many in-demand positions under the engineering umbrellaand today, we place talent for them all. Our engineering recruiting team can help you fill the following roles with experience in your industry:

·      VP of Engineering

·      Director of Engineering

·      Plant Engineers

·      Field Engineers

·      Solution Engineers

·      Lead Engineers

·      Software Engineers

·      Chemical Engineers

·      Mechanical Engineers

·      Electrical Engineers

·      Industrial Engineers

·      Genetic Engineers

·      Biomedical Engineers

·      Military Engineers

·      Nuclear Engineers

·      Forensic Engineers

·      Reverse Engineering

·      Environmental Engineers

·      Geotechnical Engineers

·      Aerospace Engineers

·      Automation Engineers

·      Instrumentation Engineers

Challenges in Recruiting and Hiring Civil Engineers

While there’s a booming need for civil engineering talent across the country, hiring qualified civil engineers poses several major challenges. M&A Executive Search is cognizant of these challenges and always mindful of these obstacles as we search our talent network for the most
qualified professional for a particular position through rigorous candidate selection process.

Our intimate familiarity with the civil engineering field and the growing constraints within it allows us to project the highest standards and expectations to our civil engineer network. When we pair clients with civil engineering talent, they can rest assured we’re putting the best person for the job forward. Our civil engineering recruitment strategy includes awareness of:

  • The growing emergence of environmental regulations associated with civil engineering has created more considerations for engineers as they seek to move projects forward.
  •  Ongoing supply chain constraints have forced developers to pivot, putting the onus on civil engineers to adapt projects accordingly, within specific parameters.
  • While expected to grow in the coming years, the total number of new civil engineers joining the workforce annually has lagged employment averages for several years.
  • Large-scale urban modernization is underway in the 2020s, creating surging demand for not only civil engineers, but those with specialty focuses in utility and transportation.
  • Overly complex job qualifications are gating opportunities for many qualified civil engineers who simply need upskilling or experience to successfully contribute.

Competition for hiring civil engineers is fierceand demand for talent is projected to rise even higher in the coming years. Our civil engineering recruiters work hard to keep you ahead of the curve with clear communication, so you can secure vital talent for development projects of any caliber.

Putting you in a position to succeed

Ultimately, M&A Executive Search puts you in a position to succeed in capturing talent that distinguishes your teamand by extension, the results you’re able to produce. It starts with hiring top-level civil engineers through extensive civil engineering recruitment, and we’re here to guide you through the entire process with

Our Other Functional Specialties

Looking to hire another functional specialty? Beyond civil engineering, we’re top industry recruiters for a broad range of positions, across various sectors. When you’re looking for years of experience and a direct hire that’s going to fill their expected role perfectly, call on us first. Some of the many other functional specialties we hire for include:

Contact us for Civil Engineering Recruitment

If you’re in the market to hire qualified civil engineers to roles within your organization, M&A Executive Search is ready to help. Reach out to us to discuss these new opportunities and your civil engineering needs, and we won’t waste any time in seeking out top candidates to fill your positions. Our abilities speak for themselves, and we encourage you to see for yourself. Contact us today for civil engineering recruitment assistance.