Chemical Engineering Recruiters & Executive Search

Chemical engineers play a vital role in the development of virtually every product in our societyfrom foodstuffs to fabricated materials. As a result, there’s an ever-present (growing) demand for chemical engineering talent at companies big and small. M&A Executives search connects these organizations to top-level chemical engineering talent, to fill positions with exceptionally qualified professionals.

Our extensive, national network of professionals includes chemical engineers from all backgrounds, with the necessary experience to apply their talents across a full gamut of positions. From nuclear engineering, to biomedical and genetic specialties, to materials engineers across the manufacturing sector, we make top talent more attainable and ensure it translates to excellence at your organization.

No matter the nature of your organization’s needs for chemical engineers, M&A Executive Search takes care of the entire process of identifying talent, vetting skills and presenting ideal candidates, so you can hire with confidence.

Why Choose M&A for Chemical Engineering Executive Search?

Organizations choose M&A Executive Search to help them identify and recruit chemical engineering talent for a variety of reasonsnot least because we maintain an active, nationwide network of qualified professionals. No matter what chemical engineering position you’re hiring for, the perfect match is in our network. We’re committed to bringing them to you.

We also strive to make the recruitment and onboarding process as simple and seamless as possible, while also delivering the peace of mind you deserve from a talent partner. Our team of chemical engineering recruiters does all the heavy lifting to identify, evaluate, screen and present the top candidates for your position. We’re ready to help you hire the ideal candidate for your full-time position or get connected to an interim chemical engineering expert.

Put simply: we possess the experience and ability to evaluate chemical engineers to the highest standards, against the rigors of any industry or role. We bring you the best talent, with uncompromising reliability.

Chemical Engineering Recruiting Specialties

Chemical engineering is one of the most diverse engineering professions out there, with opportunities in virtually every single sector. Hiring to fill this bevy of niche applications takes a clear understanding of not only the profession itself, but also each industry where chemical engineers are in demand. Some of the key areas of specialization we place talent in include:

  • Environmental chemistry. We live in the age of climate change and there’s a concerted effort in every industry to combat it. Chemical engineering plays a pivotal role, particularly in environmental applications ranging from alternative energy development to ecological remediation efforts. Chemical engineers are frequently on the front lines of environmental initiativesincluding those paving the path to a sustainable future.
  • Pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry. From drugmakers to genetic engineering organizations, there’s exponential demand for biomedical engineering talentnow and in the future. The quest to improve human health and wellness is constant, and breakthrough innovations often come at the hands of engineers who possess an understanding of the human body’s chemistry.
  • Materials and textiles chemistry. The production of consumer goods is ever amplified by innovations in materials synthesis and processing. Whether it’s the development of a new injection molding resin or an enhanced formulation that reduces outgassing in synthetic materials, chemical engineers are on the forefront of improving the products we use each and every dayfor those using them and the environment.
  • Oil and petroleum chemistry. Demand for chemical engineers in the oil and petroleum industry is on the rise, driven by the ever-evolving nature of extraction and refinement techniques. From engineering more effective fracking methods to crude planning, HAZOPs and PSM studies, there’s abundant demand for skilled engineers capable of contributing to the high-level of success of petroleum extraction, refining, engineering and transport operations.
  • Nuclear and reaction chemistry. Nuclear power is vital to national security. Even more important are the chemical engineers overseeing the safe and efficient operation of these plants. We assist nuclear and reaction-focused operations in finding experienced chemical engineers to assist with isotope separation, fuel reprocessing, waste management and numerous other high-level, highly sensitive processes.
  • Food chemistry. Food science is constantly evolving, spurred on by demand for richer nutrition and more efficient cost-per-calorie metrics. Chemical engineers play a crucial role in advancing food development, and there’s growing need for food science professionals who understand the biology of both food and people, and how to bring them together to greater benefit. 
  • Process chemistry. Research chemists are bringing new synthetics to light regularly, which means there’s a growing demand for process chemists to transform them into marketable solutions. We connect organizations with executive-level process chemists who can chart the path forward to lucrative new values streams using inborn research.

From petrochemical engineering to biomedical engineering, food science to material synthesis, chemical engineering spans a diverse range of industries. M&A Executive Search makes sure you have access to the expertise and experience that’s relevant to yours.

Other Engineering Positions We Recruit

As tenured executive engineering recruiters, we know that “engineer” is just a title. What matters is the skillset and abilities to back it up. We’ve gotten familiar with the many in-demand positions under the engineering umbrellaand today, we place talent for them all. Our engineering recruiting team can help you fill the following roles with experience in your industry:

·      VP of Engineering

·      Director of Engineering

·      Plant Engineers

·      Field Engineers

·      Solution Engineers

·      Lead Engineers

·      Software Engineers

·      Civil Engineers

·      Mechanical Engineers

·      Electrical Engineers

·      Industrial Engineers

·      Genetic Engineers

·      Biomedical Engineers

·      Military Engineers

·      Nuclear Engineers

·      Forensic Engineers

·      Reverse Engineering

·      Environmental Engineers

·      Geotechnical Engineers

·      Aerospace Engineers

·      Automation Engineers

·      Instrumentation Engineers

Challenges in Recruiting and Hiring Chemical Engineers

Finding qualified, experienced chemical engineers is a challenge for many companiesone that’s complicated by the evolving nature of this field and growing demand for expertise across increasingly niche roles.

M&A Executive Search is committed to staying abreast of challenges by cultivating a network of chemical engineers who are ready, willing, able and capable of meeting the expectations of clients seeking to hire them. We’re cognizant of the following challenges and seek to help our clients circumvent them through a seamless talent acquisition process.

  • Since 2018, there have been a steadily decreasing number of new chemical engineers entering the workforce. Graduation rates are on the decline while demand is growing.
  • The cost of chemical engineers is among the highest of any engineering specialty. Companies struggle to pull the trigger on hiring for this high-stakes position.
  • PFAS and other environmental concerns are shifting the way we think about chemical engineering across a wide range of technologies. There’s uncertainty about regulation.
  • Technology lags chemical engineering innovations in many fields, leaving many projects stagnant, which deters many engineers from accepting roles.
  • The nuances of certain engineering positions can overly complicate job listings, leading many qualified chemical engineers to believe themselves unqualified when they are.

No matter what challenges your organization faces in hiring chemical engineers, M&A Executive Search will succeed in placing talent that’s well-equipped to surmount them. Our broad network encompasses all the skills, experiences and abilities required to satisfy the role you’re hiring for.

Let us transform the challenges of recruiting chemical engineers into a competitive advantage for your business. While other companies struggle to identify and onboard top talent, you can rely on us for candidates that are qualified and eager to accept an influential role at your organization.

Our Other Functional Specialties

Looking to hire another functional specialty? Beyond chemical engineering, we’re top industry recruiters for a broad range of positions, across various sectors. When you’re looking for years of experience and a direct hire that’s going to fill their expected role perfectly, call on us first. Some of the many other functional specialties we hire for include:

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