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Food Manufacturing & Industry Executive Search Firm

M&A’s food manufacturing recruiting team understands the typical needs in the industry and can help businesses refine their recruiting and search needs. We maintain and grow a network of experts with experience in the food industry, enabling us to efficiently and cost-effectively provide companies with the talent and expertise they need to advance their businesses.

We assist clients in obtaining the talent and expertise they need by recruiting full-time hires, providing food manufacturing interim executives or expert consultants with experience in the industry.

Trends in Food Manufacturing & Food Industry

The food industry is being impacted by several key trends driving new requirements for talent acquisition. Our consumer products recruiting team partners with companies across the consumer products value-chain to provide the right talent quickly, flexibly and affordably.

Key trends in the industry driving key talent acquisition requirements:

Product Marketing Innovation and Digital Marketing Recruiting

  • Distribution innovation – with so many different products available for purchase in a multitude of channels - in-store, farmer’s markets, online, social media etc. Product innovation and differentiation will be important to market food and beverage companies.
  • Product marketing – leveraging emerging digital technologies to create differentiation will play a key role in the food industry. Expertise and talent that can help companies exploit trending flavors and unique packaging to differentiate themselves are a critical need.

Quality and Food Safety Recruiting and Expert Consultants

  • Food safety – the romaine lettuce recall of 2018 was another reminder of the importance of food safety. As consumers demand to know more about the food they eat, food safety issues are costing the food and beverage industry billions each year. It will be more important than ever for the industry to pinpoint safety issues immediately.

Supply Chain / Strategic Sourcing Recruiting and Expert Consultants

  • Strategic sourcing – not only do consumers want recognizable ingredients; they want to know where those ingredients come from. Consumers are increasingly seeking out up-cycled ingredients, as well as improved biodegradability of packaging and other associated materials.
  • Operations process – recruiting expertise to reinvent purchasing and sourcing is a common need from clients. The increased complexity leads to needs in terms of recruiting and engaging consultants in inventory management, warehousing, and overall operations process improvement.

Request for Services

Let us know how we can help you with your food and beverage recruiting and talent needs and our Executive Search team will follow up with you promptly.

Our specialized areas in food and beverage recruiting, interim executives and expert consulting include:

  • Dairy (Cheese, Ice Cream, Yogurt, Milk, Butter)
  • Animal / Meat Processing
  • Seafood
  • Bakeries
  • Coffee and Tea
  • Cereal
  • Beer
  • Distilleries
  • Ingredients
  • Food Service
  • Citrus Beverages

Our food manufacturing recruiting team support the following functional areas:

  • Accounting / Finance Recruiting
  • Business Development Recruiting
  • Engineering Recruiting
  • Human Resources Recruiting
  • Legal Recruiting
  • Management Recruiting
  • Manufacturing Recruiting
  • Marketing Recruiting
  • Program / Project Management Recruiting
  • Relationship Management Recruiting
  • Sales Recruiting
  • IT Technical Recruiting
  • Supply Chain Recruiting
  • R&D Recruiting

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