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M&A Executive Search is the foremost authority among food industry executive recruiters. Our executive search firm is well-reputed within the food and beverage industry, trusted by Fortune 500 companies and small startup food producers alike. The reason? We’re highly successful in placing qualified, knowledgeable, motivated personnel to manufacturers seeking the talent and expertise they need to advance their businesses.

Food manufacturing is an industry that’s only getting bigger and more complex with each passing year. Producers in this sector aren’t just worried about keeping pace with demand—they’re also focused on producing new products that cater to shifting consumer trends. To succeed on both fronts takes a cohesive leadership team of food manufacturing executives.

Our food and beverage executive recruiters assist clients in identifying the skills and experience needed to round out their executive teams, to put their organization on a trajectory for continued success in this competitive industry. We’re your partner for full-time hires, food manufacturing interim executives, and even expert consultants with experience in the industry.

Why Choose M&A as Your Food Industry Recruiter?

Regional and global food and beverage processing companies trust M&A Executive Search to help them recruit executive-level professionals. Our track record is proven again and again by our ability to prospect from an extensive talent pool of tenured professionals with diverse experience. We specialize in filling specialized and challenging positions across the food industry. Our expertise includes:

  • VP of R&D: Deep expertise in developing innovative plant-based cheeses.
  • Plant Manager: Extensive gummy production and troubleshooting experience, ready to lead operations in South Dakota.
  • VP of Sales: Proven track record in building successful teams focused on seafood products.
  • CFO: Strong experience in ERP system implementation.

We go the distance to secure the right talent for niche roles that require unique skills.

We lead recruiting firms in finding and placing long-term candidates equipped to steward food processing companies through the continuously changing landscape of this sector. We strive to connect you with qualified individuals who not only possess a deep understanding of the food and beverage industry but also have a vision for its future—and your place in it.

Trust in our expertise and our proven approach to prospecting talent to help you solidify your leadership team. No matter where you stand in the diverse landscape of food and beverage manufacturing, we’ll bring qualified talent to you.

Food and Beverage Industry Executive Recruiting Specialties

As renowned food and beverage executive recruiters, we provide services across all functional areas of the food industry from Executive Leadership, Finance & Accounting, R&D, Product Development, Supply Chain, Production Manufacturing, Marketing, and Distribution and Sales.

Our familiarity with the specialties, nuances, and niches that make up the food and beverage industry is vast. Our food executive recruiters excel at identifying the specific needs, wants, and challenges of food processing companies, and matching them with qualified applicants perfectly suited to the tasks.

Our food industry recruiting specialties include the following, among others:

  • Distribution innovation. With so many different products available for purchase in a multitude of channels—grocery, C-stores, online, social media, etc.—product innovation and differentiation are essential. We help food and beverage companies revolutionize distribution strategy by hiring visionary executives who understand vertical markets.
  • Product marketing. Leveraging emerging digital technologies to create differentiation plays a key role in success within the food industry. The right expertise and talent help companies exploit trending flavors and unique packaging, to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive and consumer-conscious market.
  • Food safety. As consumers demand to know more and more about the food they eat, product safety and integrity become even more important factors for food processing companies. We help manufacturers and cultivators hire food safety specialists who can help them avoid recalls, fines, penalties, and, worst of all, loss of consumer trust.
  • Strategic sourcing. Not only do consumers want recognizable ingredients; they want to know where those ingredients come from. Consumers are increasingly seeking organic, fair-trade, sustainably sourced ingredients, as well as improved biodegradability of packaging and other associated materials. It starts with mindful executive leadership.

Food and beverage processing companies face a continuous battle to be at the forefront of every new consumer trend—and even to shape those trends. It starts with a visionary executive team and on-staff specialists who understand the food and beverage industry and the factors shaping it. Let M&A Executive Search help you find them.

Food Industry & Manufacturing Professionals We Recruit

From food processing operations specialists to grocery supply chain specialists, your organization has specific needs. We understand every aspect of the food and beverage industry—from manufacturing and production to development and distribution—ensuring comprehensive support for your organization.

Our talent pool is broad and deep, and we continually make sure it includes the cutting-edge capabilities food companies are looking for. Many recruiting firms boast the quickness of our team when it comes to identifying not just capable applications, but long-term candidates ready to make a significant contribution to your success. Here’s a look at the food and beverage industry expertise we focus on:

  • Agriculture and Food Production
  • Food Manufacturing and Processing
  • Food Technology
  • Foodservice
  • Grocery and C-Stores

Challenges in Recruiting and Hiring Food Industry Executives

There’s no end to the challenges bearing down on the food and beverage industry. While many are persistent and ongoing, others are still emerging to shape the landscape of consumer habits and producers’ strategies to meet them.

Our food and beverage executive recruiters have identified several critical trends that pose significant bearing on the food and beverage industry. In identifying these challenges, we’ve established ourselves as the authority among executive search firms when it comes to finding qualified candidates capable of shepherding your company through them.

  • Consumer demand for dietary-conscious food is on the rise, including allergies (gluten, dairy, soy, etc.) and diet habits (Keto, Paleo, sugar-free, etc.).
  • Supply chain struggles continue to affect food manufacturers’ ability to get products into the hands of consumers on time.
  • Conscious consumerism is on the rise, leading to demand for transparency in formulation, sourcing, and company practices.
  • Stronger response from the FDA and other administrations is leading to more stringent food quality requirements from farms, to factories, to packaging facilities.
  • Demand for new, innovative, different products has fueled the need for improved nutritional science and flavor engineering, which necessitates skilled engineers.

The combination of advancements in food manufacturing technology and an explosion of consumer preferences makes it imperative for producers to prospect and hire executive-level talent capable of tackling these challenges and many others. M&A Executive Search puts your company at the forefront of bringing on qualified executives to meet these challenges head-on.

Other Industry Specialties

Looking to hire within a specific sector? Beyond food and beverage industry executive recruiting, we’re top talent industry recruiters for a broad range of positions, across various sectors. When you’re looking for years of experience and a direct hire that’s going to fill their expected role perfectly, call on us first. Some of the many other industries we hire for include:

·      Aerospace

·      Building Materials

·      Chemical

·      Construction

·      Consumer Products / CPG

·      Electronics

·      Energy

·      Government / Public Sector

·      Healthcare / Medical

·      Pharmaceuticals

·      Printing

·      Software / IT

·      Textiles

·      Transportation

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