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A Fiscally Knowledgeable Addition to Your Senior Management Team

All established companies have a Controller or Director of Accounting to manage financial operations and deal with things like accounts payable (AP), accounts receivable (AR), collections, vendor negotiations, managing the financial close and reporting results. At the head of these operations sits the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Not every company needs a full-time Chief Financial Officer—and the expense isn’t always justified. However, there are times in the evolution of most companies when the skills and leadership of a Chief Financial Officer are invaluable. In these situations, the right interim or fractional CFO can bring companies critical financial skills and experiences. A well-placed interim CFO can cross multiple financial disciplines and provide unique insights, due diligence and direction that growing companies need.

M&A Executive Search helps growing companies augment their increasingly complex financial operations with interim CFO services, with professionals who are well-equipped to produce results. Let us help you find an interim Chief Financial Officer who can align your financial data and strategic initiatives into fiscally sound operations. With a talent pool that stretches more than 10,000 well-qualified executive candidates, our reach spans almost all industries, geographies, and issue areas to ensure you get the perfect interim financial professional.

What is an Interim CFO?

As the complexity of a company’s financial operations increases, the business needs clearer oversight from the C-suite on how to align financial objectives with the forward-looking mission. An experienced interim CFO lends much-needed insights on an as-needed basis. From financial reporting and projections, to collaboration with other members of the C-suite about fiscally viable approaches to business expansion, the role of interim and fractional CFOs is to enable a financial-first mindset at the highest level.

In addition to business growth, interim CFOs also leverage their expertise and abilities into the success of specific strategic initiatives. A part-time CFO can advise on the best approach to M&A activity, forecast cash flows based on scenario modeling, assist in capital formation and more. When the financial prospects of a business hang in the balance, a fractional CFO illuminates the answers to some of the business’ most important questions.

When to Hire an Interim Chief Financial Officer

How do you know it’s time for your growing business to add the talents of a part-time CFO? At M&A Executive Search & Consulting, we’ve become adept at identifying the need for interim executives—especially Chief Financial Officers. Whether you’re struggling to stabilize cash flow or you need stability after a previous CFO’s departure, we connect you with talent that’s ready to both solve and prevent financial problems. In just 1-2 weeks, we’ll introduce you to 3-4 potential professionals who have capacity and fit your needs—then, we’ll work with you through the evaluation and placement process.

We have an extensive network of more than 10,000 senior-level professionals, and we help clients engage the right interim CFO for their industry—someone with the specific functional expertise that your organization needs. Our Interim CFOs provide answers and leadership in the following areas:

  • Budgeting and allocation
  • Business financial strategy
  • Capital formation and banking
  • Data analytics and trend spotting
  • Economic forecasting
  • Internal control establishment
  • Merger and acquisition (M&A) activities
  • Tax planning and mitigation
  • Treasury and risk management

Typically, we place fractional CFOs and staff interim CFO jobs for companies that are growing, as well as those facing specific financial challenges. Our goal is always to find a Chief Financial Officer who can step into the role and provide solutions that open the doorway to success for the next chapter of your organization’s growth. It costs nothing to engage our services until you find and hire the ideal interim candidate.

Types of Interim Executives

Not every company needs a full-time CFO on-staff. In fact, many burgeoning companies benefit more from a fractional CFO or a part-time financial executive who can advise as-needed. M&A Executive Search works to understand your situation before we begin looking for a qualified executive to fill the position. Once we’re familiar with your needs, we can tap into our network of more than 10,000 professionals to provide interim CFO services—not just someone who knows the role.

  • Interim Executives generally assume the role for a 2- to 12-month period.
  • Interim-to-Hire fill a position immediately while searching for a permanent solution.
  • Fractional Executives assume a long-term role, but it’s not a full-time job.
  • Project Executives offer unique expertise to solve a specific problem.

Whether you need a project executive to complement your senior management team or recruit an interim CFO on a part-time basis, rest assured our talent pool will yield results. Expect someone who’s committed to integrating themselves into your financial operations, without assuming a costly, full-time position that your growing business isn’t ready for.

Case Study: Manufacturing CFO Placement

M&A Executive Search takes pride in backing up our interim CFO placement capabilities with real-world results that enable our clients. Here’s a closer look at an example specific to the manufacturing industry.

A mid-sized toy (CPG) manufacturer faced multiple financial challenges as it grew, relying on only a financial team consisting of a controller and staff accountants. The company needed support to better-understand its business and make strategic decisions about its various revenue streams.

M&A Executive Search assigned an interim CFO with consumer product financial experience for 3-5 days a month. That individual drove an initiative to segment the various businesses and derive the profitability for each, and created a way to manage that process moving forward. This led to strategic decisions to divest two business lines and focus on the more profitable businesses—those with growth potential.

Additionally, the interim CFO was available for focused projects that emerged relating to forecasting and capital acquisition on a “just in time” basis. This value was provided at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO.

This example is just one of many, highlighting the exceptional results of well-placed interim CFOs. And, like every placement made by M&A Executive Search, this example shows an emphasis on lasting, long-term results—even from a fractional, part-time executive placement. No matter your business or your industry, expect us to fill your interim CFO position with someone wholly equipped to ensure success across your finance functions.

Temporary CFO Placement Across Industries

From manufacturing companies to non-profit organizations, financial predictability, stability and awareness are invaluable. An experienced interim CFO provides the financial data any company needs to take a proactive position and to push forward with confidence—no matter what industry they’re in.

At M&A Executive Search, we believe in pairing financial acumen with industry experience, to deliver you an interim CFO that understands the unique challenges your business faces. This combination results in effective action and better outcomes that keep your business strong, solvent and successful. Some of the many industries our talent pool touches include:

·        Aerospace

·        Building Materials

·        Chemical

·        Construction

·        Consumer Products / CPG

·        Electronics

·        Energy

·        Government / Public Sector

·        Healthcare / Medical

·        Pharmaceuticals

·        Printing

·        Software / IT

·        Textiles

·        Transportation

Other Interim Executive Positions

Every member of the C-suite plays an important role in the success of the broader organization. If there are unfilled seats at your executive table, contact M&A Executive Search to fill them with qualified interim executives who can contribute to the ongoing success of your company.

Whether you’re cultivating a C-suite one position at a time or need a particular skillset to shepherd your business through a transitionary period, we’re here to help with interim CFO services. Beyond fractional and part-time CFOs, we have the experience and capability to staff interim executives in any capacity. We leverage our network of over 10,000 interim professionals to quickly provide 3-4 interim candidates that fit your unique needs.

Start the Search for an Experienced Interim CFO Today

Do you have a handle on your business’ financial operations? Seeking financial certainty from a forward-looking standpoint? Need a bridge between your previous CFO and a new CFO? Peace of mind and the confidence of a coordinated approach start in the C-suite, with a Chief Financial Officer. Make sure your business gets the support that comes with a knowledgeable, capable interim Chief Financial Officer—in whatever capacity you need to succeed.

Contact us today to start the search for an experienced interim or fractional CFO. There’s no fee until you engage with an interim executive that’s best-suited to become a financial steward for your business as it grows.